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Oh, Hiro and Ando are showing up in L.A. at Minute 56! I guess they were trying to figure out a way into the country now that they're presumably on every terrorist list imaginable. (Actually, this could be Hiro's money coming into play, so I'm not too bothered.) But this just means that the India plotline was absolutely meaningless to the season arc, and while it's not like I suspected otherwise it's a little disappointing to have it confirmed. Anyway, they're at a rather large-looking apartment or small-looking house, and some girl comes rushing out, annoyingly babbling about quitting and "the service" being slow to send a replacement, and when Hiro says they're looking for Matt Parkman, the girl's like, duh, and warns them he's a mess -- because, as we see, it's the baby Matt Parkman Jr. we're dealing with, who I'm guessing has an ability. The girl holds him out and tells Hiro to "take it," so it's just as well she's removing herself from her caregiving responsibilities, and after Hiro hilariously is like, "No, thank you!" she shoves the kid into Hiro's arms and gets the hell out of there. Mohinder babbles about generations and destiny as Claire gets a text from Rebel telling her she needs to escape, because her free pass has been revoked. Samson smokes and awaits death, while when Danko comes home with groceries (I somehow assumed he was in the habit of pawning his shopping off on a non-speaking extra) we see that Sylar has left the rabbit on Danko's desk and is waiting for him, I guess because he wants to hunt a more powerful hunter? Change the world? No idea. In slo-mo, the agents rush in looking for Claire, but she's gone out the window -- and is in Nathan's arms, another twist I loved. They hover in midair behind the cover of a tree, and that's it. Next week's a repeat, and it's possible they delayed the production schedule because next episode is supposed to be where Bryan Fuller returns to the show, and I'm hoping that means the rest of the chapter will kick ass. See you in two!

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