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Matt's still kind of dazed from the drugs, but gets less so when a SWAT team shows up and orders him to disarm the bomb. He tries to protest that he was set up, and then Nathan swoops in (not literally, he did that off-screen) and tells the team leader he knows Matt, and he can get through to him. The guy grants him five minutes, and Nathan approaches Matt and tells him that he didn't sanction this setup. Matt doesn't believe him, so Nathan invites him to read his mind, but his attempt fails, which Matt attributes to the drug with which Danko injected him. Whether it affected the power directly or merely had the same result by inhibiting Matt's ability to do a silly head-tilt is for you to decide. Nathan tells Matt he's going to have to trust him...

...and back at Building 26, Asian Tech With Speaking Lines calls Danko over and says they may have a problem. Danko wonders, again, how Nathan got there so quickly, and if I didn't know what happens later in the episode I'd in turn wonder if he's not as smart as he thinks he is. Anyway, Danko says that if Nathan wants to play hero, he can be a martyr to his own cause, and orders Asian Tech With Speaking Lines to detonate the bomb. Not sure it's realistic that Asian Tech With Speaking Lines wouldn't even bat an eye at murdering a U.S. Senator and his own boss, but maybe Nathan cut in front of him in the coffee line that morning or something. Anyway, the guy gets everything ready, and as he pushes the shiny red button, we go to the title card. Tease, tease, tease.

When we return, Matt is panicking, but he gets a stay of execution when a message comes up on Asian Tech With Speaking Lines's monitor that he's been kicked out of the system, presumably by Rebel. Bennet has arrived, and after surveying the scene for a moment, which includes taking in a live news report that speculates that Nathan knows Matt personally, asks what's going on, but Danko's too busy watching over Asian Tech With Speaking Lines's shoulder...

...and back at the scene, Nathan suggests to Matt that he read the minds of the SWAT team, as they've got to be thinking about how to disarm the bomb. Another approach might be for Nathan to ask, "Does anyone know how to disarm the bomb?" but perhaps he rejected it as too obvious. Matt tells him the drugs are starting to wear off, and after a "this wire/no, THAT wire" exchange that played funnier in the promos...

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