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...Asian Tech With Speaking Lines gets the bomb back on line, and tries again...

...but they've succeeded in ripping out the correct wire, and Matt tosses the deactivated bomb away. Matt sighs in relief, but when he turns around, Nathan clocks him in the face, knocking him out. Nice glass jaw on the security guard! With the ambient noise drowning him out to everyone but the viewing audience, Nathan apologizes, but says he can't have him using his power. I'm guessing he's referring to whatever the big secret was that she shared with Nathan at the end of last episode, even though that's weird because he just invited Matt to read his mind like three seconds ago, but again, he could just be referring to the goony head-tilting. Also, this time they succeeded in averting the disaster foretold by Matt's painting. Funny how that only seems to happen with explosions that threaten to kill off series regulars.

Sylar shows up at some ramshackle house out in the sticks, and enters Taxidermy Central to find his father Samson, played by the wonderful John Glover in what I'm sorry to say is going to be a wasted appearance. Sylar introduces himself as his son, but Samson doesn't get up or even turn around as he asks what brings him all the way out there. Sylar tells him he abandoned him and killed his mother, but Samson is unfazed as he asks what happens now. Sylar replies that he's going to kill him, but when Samson finally turns to face him, he gets a rude awakening, as he's got a breathing apparatus and trachea tube, and Samson confirms what you're already thinking by saying he's got terminal cancer, so the prospect of Sylar killing him really isn't all that intimidating. For emphasis, he lights up a cigarette, and while Samson's not exactly CGB Spender, Sylar still feels overmatched as usual to me here.

Asian Tech With Speaking Lines tells Danko that Rebel left no trace of being in their system, and Danko growls in response that he wants to know how he's getting in and who he is. From off-screen, Nathan pipes up that he would too, so he can thank him for saving them from a disaster. The two of them bicker a bit until Nathan gets down to brass tacks and tells Danko he's relieved of command, but Danko doesn't accept that, saying the President will want proof of wrongdoing, and his people won't indict him. Where's Moira Kelly in all this? Isn't she the big boss now? Nathan calls Bennet to his side, who obliges him after exchanging a meaningful look with Danko. When he judges they're out of earshot, he starts to tell Bennet he's planning to turn command over to him, but they're interrupted by Danko playing a recording of Tracy's declaration that Nathan is "one of us," and I'm glad the show followed through on using it. At the risk of repeating myself, I'm really heartened that almost halfway through, although far from perfect, this chapter is such a huge improvement over the last one. Between that and Dollhouse being better than I expected, the entire second half of the season feels like a recapper's Christmas. Nathan gives nothing away, diffidently asking if Danko has a point, but Danko doesn't back down either, speculating that perhaps the mission was compromised from the very beginning. He all but flat-out accuses Nathan of being a mutant, and says it looks like they're each building a case against the other. Nathan: "Let's see who gets there first." Tracy's voice continues to ring through the room as Nathan strides out, and Bennet watches concernedly into the commercial break.

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