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Speaking of Tracy, she's being led down a corridor in shackles when a nearby computer screen flashes her a message: "Help is coming. Have hope." She looks like she's not sure if she's hallucinating, and with all the drugs pumped into her lately you can hardly blame her.

Elsewhere, Bennet is bitching Nathan out for showing Danko his hand prematurely, and says Danko's pushing his buttons so he'll make a mistake. If he were more familiar with Nathan's history, he probably wouldn't even have gone to the trouble. Also, when did Bennet come out, as it were, to Nathan? Oh, maybe that's what Angela whispered in his ear -- that Bennet was on their side. I was guessing it was something bigger, but that would make some sense. Anyway, whatever the situation, Bennet counsels him to take a play from Angela's book: "Keep your head." Always good advice when Sylar's on the loose. Nathan opens the door in front of which they've been standing, and we see they're at Tracy's cell. Er, why was she just moved? Maybe she needed some medical treatment from all the heat? We'll go with that. Nathan sits down and for some reason adopts a scholarly pose with legs crossed and legal pad at the ready, and he should have asked Bennet if he could borrow his glasses for a few minutes just to complete the look. He tells Tracy that some men are going to come in and ask her questions in a few minutes, and it may seem hard to believe, "but I still care about you." Tracy thinks she's getting off a good one when she replies, "That makes one of us," but that just makes it sound like she no longer cares about herself. But I'm not making fun, because when I recap in temperatures above ninety I tend to make even less sense than usual myself. Nathan says he's the same guy that saved her from that awful CGI bridge she was going to jump off, but Tracy doesn't buy that, and understandably so given that he recently told her she was never getting out of her cell, so he urgently whispers that she has to know that he's her last hope. His words hang in the air a moment before the door opens and Danko walks in and boots Nathan out. Before Nathan leaves, though, Danko sarcastically asks if he's worried he'll be too hard on Tracy, but Nathan mildly demurs: "Knock yourself out." Tracy looks worried at what that might mean, and the door closes...

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