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...and then we cut back to the command center, where Nathan tunes in on an available monitor in time to see Danko ask Tracy what she knows about Nathan. Tracy silently beckons him with her head to come closer, but when he leans in, she kittens, "He was lousy in bed." Nathan's face is the perfect mix of "Oh good, she's not blabbing" and "HEY!" Danko refrains from slapping her, instead asking the more specific question of what she meant by the comment on the recording. "Does Nathan have an ability?" Tracy considers for a moment, but then firmly tells Danko she has no idea what he's talking about. And it's not like Tracy even has to trust Nathan -- I'd be surprised if she did -- but this is still her wisest move, because even after everything that's happened, Nathan seems like a better shot to get her out of there than Danko. Danko, beaten, turns to look at the camera like he knows Nathan is watching before walking out, leaving Tracy to stare through the fourth wall herself. I thought they taught you never to do that in acting school!

Back at the Bennet house, Claire has misgivings that she didn't help Doyle, and when Sandra opines that it's unreasonable for Rebel to "send psychopaths to [their] front doorstep," Claire agrees -- which is why she wants to take over Alex's job at the comic-book store so as to have a safer place to deal with her charges. Sandra's not thrilled, but she accedes to her daughter's request...

...so we cut to Sam's Comics, wherein a geeky guy is asking Claire if she has any retail experience. Claire sheepishly asks if a cheerleading bake sale counts, but she's unwittingly played a winning card here with the cheerleader mention, as the guy asks her if she can work Wednesdays, which is when all the new comics arrive. The guy then nerds it up for a while before asking what kind of hero she is, but when the question obviously has an emotional impact, he withdraws it. Claire starts to go, thinking she's blown it, but he's like, hello, you got the job, because every dude in the store has been checking you out since you walked in. We get close-ups of the customers for evidence, and two of them are guys who work in the Buy More in a non-speaking capacity on Chuck, a little touch that appealed to the extreme geek in me. Claire smiles uncertainly, wondering exactly how awkward all her upcoming conversations with horned-up dorks are going to be...

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