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...and then Samson walks back in amid a cloud of smoke and gagging, and Sylar calls him pathetic, which pretty much confirms that they're related. Samson speechifies about life never giving you what you want before letting a rabbit out of its cage and then holding it in place while making a silly birdlike whistle that's supposed to be hypnotic, but ends up hilarious when he starts hacking all over the place again. Sylar's surprised that he has an ability, EVEN THOUGH THAT WAS ONE THOUSAND PERCENT CLEAR IN THE FLASHBACK OF SAMSON KILLING HIS WIFE, and Samson says he actually has a lot of them, even though he doesn't use them much these days. He realizes that Sylar has the same ability, taking other people's powers, which isn't precisely true, but at least they didn't say it was telekinesis, so I'm fine with it. Sylar pouts that his dad doesn't know him and they have nothing in common, and if he brings up fishing trips and that fucking red wagon again I will not be responsible for my actions. After some more turgid talk about human nature and blah, Samson tells Sylar he'll soon find his life is meaningless and disappointing, because there's no challenge in it. And after taking twenty minutes to make the point that Sylar will only find satisfaction by challenging himself, Samson has him stab the helpless and sedated bunny rabbit. I am begging you, show, fire everyone who has anything to do with Sylar and his storylines. I mean, I'm sorry for the hair and makeup people, but how much we need a clean break here cannot even be amply expressed.

At Building 26, Danko's watching a replay of Nathan's rescue of Peter, coincidentally filmed from the exact same camera angles as we saw on the show, as he asks Bennet if he came across anyone who could fly during his time at Primatech. Bennet says he did, and that information is in the files, and since it's clear he omitted Nathan's name from said records I just hope West is taking a semester abroad or something. Danko theorizes that certain names were missing, and when Bennet tries to justify that on account of Primatech being destroyed, Danko supposes that Bennet must have gotten close to the Petrelli family. Bennet: "The Petrellis were never exactly a warm and fuzzy bunch." How quickly we forget the brother-touching. Anyway, Danko comes out with it, saying they both know Nathan is hiding something, but Bennet shows why he's a master of obfuscation by dropping a file onto his desk while posing the question to Danko of who would want to save Peter. Danko opens the file to see Angela's photo, and while he thinks that she'd never betray her own son, Bennet replies, "A long time ago, I gave up trying to figure out what Angela Petrelli would or wouldn't do." That philosophy certainly would have made watching last chapter more bearable.

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