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Bennet quickly shows his true allegiance by reporting to Angela what's happened. She's glad to hear that Nathan's come around to her way of thinking, but Bennet cautions her that he's sent Danko her way, and he's unpredictable and does his homework. Angela replies that she does as well, and then pulls a pair of socks out of her bag and holds them to her face. Random callback, but still: HA!

Claire leaves the comic-book store and the nerds therein, only to find those two agents from last week parked outside and watching her so conspicuously that even Scott MacIntyre would feel the power of their stare, so she dials Bennet and asks for advice on how to lead a double life. Bennet's like, kind of too busy leading a double life to answer that question, although he does use her old pet name in saying he loves her. Suddenly, the van roars to life, but after it passes Claire by, she gets a text from Rebel, who tells her the agents have found Doyle at a certain address, and begging her to help. Claire gets a determined look on her face...

...and in an alley, the woman has chased Doyle down and yells for him to put his hands over his head. He slowly turns and replies -- wait for it -- "Whatever you say," before forcing her hands into the air. Doyle's one of my favorite characters, because whoever writes his lines hits the exact campy tone that I would hope to take if I were a villain in a superhero piece. I think I watched the old Batman series too much as a kid. But seriously, how could she be so dumb as not to just zap him with a stun gun? Did she sleep in and miss a briefing? He moves her arm such that the gun is now positioned to shoot her in the temple, and breathes that he should kill her, but he just wants to go back to the way his life was. He settles for throwing her head into a wall and knocking her out, but then her partner appears and menaces him with a stun gun (see how that works?). There's a sudden flurry of blonde hair, though, and someone grabs his leg and tosses him over a railing, also knocking him out -- and when Doyle looks, he breathes, "Barbie." Claire returns his gaze, still not without reservations...

...Danko meets Angela at a restaurant where she is going to town on some oysters and asks for her help, but she rather too innocently says that everything she knows about the people he's looking for is in the Primatech files. Danko smiles, sits, and points out that Elle, Hiro, Matt, Peter, and Claire all inherited abilities from their parents. I think he doesn't know about Angela's ability based on the fact that she said Nathan was protecting her, and he's still trying to get confirmation about Nathan, so he's got to be referring to Arthur in Peter's case and Meredith in Claire's, in case that was unclear. Angela responds that genetics is a very complex subject, and suggests that in Nathan's case, "these things" might have skipped a generation. He tells her straight-up that he doesn't believe her, but Angela has the waiter refill her champagne as she informs Danko that Primatech employed dozens of men like him, men who do the awful things other people refuse to do, and while that makes him useful, it also makes him expendable. Danko's unimpressed until Angela brings up "that incident in Angola" in 1997 -- "all those civilians lost, tragic. I'm surprised you survived, actually." Danko's face goes dark and menacing, without which the scene would frankly be pretty campy, not that I'd necessarily mind, as I think I've made clear. Before he leaves, he compliments Angela on her resourcefulness, when he should be commenting on how big her lips look as she goes in to Hoover another victim. I'm surprised she doesn't crunch a few shells for emphasis. When he's gone, Angela gives us a smile practically dripping with girlish glee, and I'd think that was a little much if I believed she was on her first bottle of bubbly today.

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