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Oh, Lord, that Sylar storyline is STILL going on, as he adopts the voice of an eager six-year-old in telling Samson that he fixes watches, and he took that up because he thought it would make his father happy. Samson points out that Sylar has a need for connection, but when he says that people will only disappoint you, Sylar asks if that's why he killed his wife and abandoned him. Samson says he doesn't even remember, as it didn't matter to him. "So few things do." Sylar then cuts himself while working on the rabbit, and when he heals in front of Samson, you can practically see the light bulb go off over his father's head. Sylar mentions the "cheerleader in California" from whence he got the ability, which I guess is leaving it open for Samson to track down Claire among the million other cheerleaders in the state, before snarking that he guesses that not everybody dies. Samson breathes that that only means Sylar's got that much longer to suffer before having a coughing fit and then sending Sylar for something taxidermy-related. However, once Sylar's across the room, Samson telekinetically sends a couple arrows into him, pinning him to the wall, and he smiles that it's amazing how the desire and hunger come right back. There are many words I would use to describe the return of the "hunger," but "amazing" is not one of them. Anyway, Samson does his little hypnotic bird-whistle or whatever, and Sylar's vision clouds into the commercial break. Wow, will the hopelessly boring and long-winded immortal guy get his head cut open? I can see why they chose this spot for an act break!

When we return, Sylar, sounding both fuzzy and manufactured, asks his dad why he's even bothering with this, as he thought he'd given up, and Samson, who's sharpening his tools, responds with a nonsensical speech about "fighting hard" and "risking it all," like there will be anything to risk once he's immortal, and adds that he'll try to change the world, just to see if he can. He holds a large knife up to Sylar's head, which seems silly given that we just saw he's telekinetic, but either way, he can't seem to go through with it, and the reason becomes clear when Sylar's Theme Ticking kicks up, and then Sylar smiles evilly and knocks him back with his mind. He removes the arrows and sneers that his dad's a hunter, and yet he didn't know that he was playing possum. He wraps Samson's tubes around his throat, reducing Samson to begging, saying he needs that power. Might have led with the nice approach, guy. I think it's a little late for it now. Samson adds that it won't kill Sylar if he takes it -- "you'll be fine," he croaks -- but Sylar expresses his thoughts succinctly for once: "But so will you." Heh. When you're planning to roam the earth for all eternity, you've got to be pretty selective about who you choose to be around you for that long. Sylar says he got his answers and now knows exactly what he needs to do, just so you know it's an episode of Heroes involving Sylar, and Samson then downgrades his request in asking that Sylar just kill him, but Sylar takes the now-stuffed rabbit and leaves him to be eaten up by the cancer. Between the choking and his condition, it must be tough for him to get any words out, but given that this is probably the last we'll see of John Glover, I would have loved to see him gasp, "You're out of the will!"

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