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At Building 26, Danko is looking at a picture of Tracy when Nathan appears, executive order in hand, and triumphantly tells him that the President didn't need that much proof of Danko's wrongdoings after all. He tells Danko he's finished, and when Danko tries to tell him that getting rid of him will mean getting rid of the team, Nathan's unimpressed, inviting anyone who's not on board to leave now. No one takes the bait, which I'm sure Danko will remember later, so Danko asks Nathan if he's really willing to "reset" the entire operation just because of him, and Nathan is basically like, "Yes." Danko leaves with some words of warning, and then Nathan tells Bennet that the President is eager to meet Danko's replacement. He beckons Bennet out...

...and they head to the elevator, with Nathan asking on the way if he's got a plan to share with the President, and Bennet responding that he does, and it's "a bit unorthodox, but it's tested." However, Danko then reappears, looking dark and threatening, and as he approaches, he tells Nathan that bureaucracy and rules of conduct don't apply in his world. He then pulls a gun on Nathan, and over Bennet's objections, breathes that he's seen what "these people" can do, and it scares him, but through it all, Nathan's never shown the slightest bit of fear. "I wonder, why is that?" After a look at Bennet, Nathan tries to bluster his way out of the situation, saying he doesn't have time for this and starting to walk away, but he stops in his tracks when Danko puts two shots through the window. Danko then takes advantage of Nathan reflexively looking back at the bullet holes to charge him, and the weakened glass shatters and Nathan goes through it. Danko looks down, a maniacally expectant expression on his face, and sure enough, Nathan stops falling halfway to the street below, and hangs in midair and stares balefully at Danko for a moment before flying off into the night. That was great -- Danko is a character the show has used very, very well, not to mention that Zeljko Ivanek has a way of upping people's game, acting-wise. Danko turns back to Bennet and asks him to tell him he didn't know about this, and Bennet's like, "Great -- not only do I get left holding the bag, but I don't even get to meet Mister Worf!"

In a crowded park at night, Doyle is waiting on a bench when Claire appears and hands him a manila envelope, saying his it's got his new identity and everything he needs to start over within, and that Rebel has erased every trace of Eric Doyle. Doyle asks if the fact that he spared the agent's life earned him her help, but she says it wasn't about him, but who she needs to be. He thanks her, and starts to leave, but when she asks if he meant the stuff he said about how he's changed, he just gives her a conspiratorial smile and heads off. Well, honey, you did ask.

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