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"What Would Bennet Do?"
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After being lured into thinking last week's episode was good before writing my recaplet and then realizing it really wasn't, I can safely say that this is, in fact, the best episode of the season so far. And while you might not think it deserves a B if you compare it to B episodes from past seasons, I have to grade this season on a curve. So, a B this season is like a Season 1 C or something. It's getting better but nowhere near where we'd like it yet. Anyway, previously: Peter liked being a paramedic because he saved so many people. He got a healing ability from Jeremy. Emma's mom, Dr. Ratched, wants her to take her life back. Parkman explained to Janice what he did to Sylar in the season finale, and how he's not being haunted by Sylon. Samuel took in the real Sylar, who doesn't know himself. They baptized him. Claire nearly got her new BFF/girlfriend killed by their sorority sister, Becky, who's also Samuel's niece.

We pick up exactly where we left off with the sorority girls two episodes ago (am I the only one who is annoyed that every episode has ended with "To be continued..." but we don't get the continuations until two episodes later? I didn't think so. When did they start doing that, anyway?): Ditzy and Snotty wonder WTF ("why the face?") just happened with Claire healing and Becky being invisible, etc. Claire plays dumb, and says she just saw Ditzy and Snotty get attacked by wild dogs. She quickly fake-deduces that the water bottles they gave them must have been drugged. Claire and Gretchen get the other two to agree to keep it a secret so the sisters won't know they got to them. Ditzy and Snotty leave, and Claire's like, "See? Problem solved." Gretchen smartly says she thought the problem was a homicidal invisible girl. Oh, that? Claire asks if she's okay, and Gretchen says she's actually not since Becky just tried to kill her.

Peter's in the back of an ambulance with a guy who was on a subway crash (apparently a collision when something jumped the tracks if the radio chatter in the background is to be believed). Peter heals the guy, who can't wiggle his toes but then can. Oh, and Peter's wearing a blue glove when he heals him, so he can heal through rubber or latex or whatever. And I'm not seeing it as an homage to Firefly, as much as I'd like to. When they get to the hospital, Peter's partner wonders if he's okay since he looks exhausted. He also points out this is the fourth patient who isn't as bad as they thought, so luck must be on their side. Emma watches them walk past and then we get her silent perspective of the post-subway-crash chaos. She looks at the news and sees what's going on.

An airport. Parkman's in a suit, going through security. But it's really Sylon-in-Parkman, which he quickly looks like so we can see the Parkman-Sylon behind him, asking him to stop and what he's doing. Sylon-in-Parkman says he's going to find Peter, since the last thing he remembers is Peter jabbing him with a syringe. He thinks he should know what happened next. Unless, you know, Parkman wants to tell him. Parkman says that's not going to happen. Sylon-in-Parkman says he doesn't get to fly first class very often, and Parkman snarks that he's glad his life savings could help. The security folks find a gun in Parkman's bag, and Parkman-Sylon looks satisfied as Sylon-in-Parkman's confused. Apparently, Parkman-Sylon caused Sylon-in-Parkman to think a gun was socks when he was packing. Sylon-in-Parkman tries to use Parkman's ability to tell the security guys they didn't find the gun, but Parkman-Sylon says he'll never let him control his ability. Uh, how does he have a choice? Sylon-in-Parkman tries to explain since he's a cop, but the security guys haul him away. Parkman-Sylon looks smug. Opening title card.

Carnival. We zoom in on a trailer that has our episode chyron wrapped around the front corner: "Chapter Eight: 'Shadow Boxing.' " They've gotten far less creative with those over the years, haven't they? I guess that's to be expected since everything else has gone downhill. Inside the trailer, Sylar's tossing and turning in his sleep. He's picturing Nathan's face in his dreams, then he morphs into Nathan. He wakes up as Adrian Pasdar, whose face I'm ever so happy to see again instead of twice as much Sylar. He puts on a flannel shirt, looks confusedly in the mirror, then jumps up and leaves the trailer. He hides when he hears Samuel talking to Lydia the Tattooed Lady. He jumps away into a hiding space. Samuel's telling Lydia that he has to leave because of the situation that's come up. Lydia tries to tell him Claire's a lost cause, but he leans in and whispers that she knows him; he's the patron saint of lost causes. I don't know what it is about Robert Knepper that makes a relatively innocent line like that so creepy, but he does.

Anvilicious transition to Gretchen looking at Becky's picture on her computer, telling Claire this is a lost cause, because there's nothing anywhere about Becky Taylor or why she wants Gretchen dead. Claire adds: "Or why she killed Annie," as they both look at the dorm room window, and Gretchen's like, "Right. Awesome. She already succeeded once." Claire's going to go to the sorority house and look through Becky's room for answers. Gretchen wonders what if she finds Becky instead or what if Becky's here right now waiting to kill Gretchen, invisibly. Claire grabs some baby powder and half-heartedly squirts it out into the room. It doesn't land on Becky, so Claire's like, "See? Nothing." Gretchen, seeing how little effort was put into that, suggests going with Claire, but Claire says no; it's safer here. She tells her not to let anyone in the room until she gets back, and Gretchen reluctantly agrees. Claire tells her to lock the door, but instead she just squirts out more powder after Claire leaves.

Hospital. Chaos. Then Emma, and we get silence. Are we getting that she's deaf? She hears nothing in the chaos? Has that been hammered on hard enough yet? She watches nurses run into each other, and helps one of them, who thanks her. A doctor asks if she works here, and if she can keep pressure on the wound. She says she can, and he tells her to tell a nurse or resident that this patient's prepped for a 4-0 praline suture, asap. Emma nods, and the doctor leaves. She keeps pressure on the wound and looks at the girl. Then looks around and sees a suture kit conveniently lying at her feet. She picks it up with the non-pressure hand and opens it with her teeth. Not sure how she's applying pressure to the wound or how she got gloves on when she's using both hands to start suturing. That's what Peter finds her doing. He looks at her for awhile, and she sees him back, but he hears a nurse talking about someone crashing. He goes over and asks questions, and she brushes him off, but he touches the guy and obviously heals him. The nurse comes back and rushes the guy off, but we already know he's better. Peter looks exhausted, and breathes heavily.

Claire arrives at the sorority house, and Ditzy and Snotty are talking about their slutty pirate Halloween costumes. They greet Claire snottily, asking if she realizes she's a little late for party prep. Claire asks if they've seen Becky since she kidnapped them, and Ditzy's like, "Since she what?" Claire repeats it and they play dumb. Only they're not playing, in any sense of the word "dumb." Claire realizes they've been Haitianed only after she sees the Haitian. She turns and tells her dad that was fast,

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