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"What Would Bennet Do?"
and he says he drops everything when his daughter calls. She smiles.

A red car gets a flat tire and comes to a stop next to a tumbleweed. Sylon-in-Parkman gets out, and Parkman-Sylon laughs about the luck they're having today, with talking his way out of jail but being put on the no-fly list, and now this? Sylon-in-Parkman wonders how he didn't see the huge chunk of metal in the road, and Parkman-Sylon says maybe he made it this way. Sylon-in-Parkman fixes the tire as Parkman says he can get used to playing the bad guy, the saboteur. Sylon-in-Parkman throws a lug wrench and wonders if Parkman has any upper body strength. Parkman-Sylon says he's actually deceptively strong, enough to keep Sylon-in-Parkman away from New York. But Sylon-in-Parkman says he's in control. Parkman-Sylon asks if he's sure about that. A guy comes up then and asks Sylon-in-Parkman if he needs help, and leans down to help with the tire. He asks for the lug wrench, but Sylon-Parkman knocks him down with his mind just to be mean. Then Sylon-in-Parkman beats the guy who stopped to help them to death with the lug wrench. He turns to Parkman-Sylon and agrees he's deceptively strong. When Parkman-Sylon says he just killed him, Sylon-in-Parkman says, "No. You did." That's what he gets for taunting a serial killer, though, right? I mean, knocking him down just for fun when all he has is apparently enough mind control to do little things like that, but not to get him to not, I don't know, to kill people or steal your life savings and book a flight.

Sorority house. Claire would like to go over the rules with HRG, but he says he's pretty clear from their phone conversation. He needs to get rid of the bad stuff like Becky, but keep the good stuff, like her new friend Gretchen. She says he's close enough. He says he'll do his best, but life isn't always that simple. She points out Becky's room and he says he'll go see what he can find and she should go back to Gretchen in the dorm. The Haitian says he's going with Claire. She's uneasy because she thinks he wants to wipe Gretchen. HRG assures her he's not going to erase Gretchen's memory; he's just going to be there so Becky can't stay invisible. Claire says, "Oh. That's actually a really good plan." HRG says this isn't his first rodeo. I think a better plan would be for all of them to stay together with the Haitian. It seems odd to leave the guy with no powers who's going into Becky's room without the help of the Haitian. She thanks him and he says they'll regroup soon. Sweet, plinky piano music plays as he goes in the room, and she says, "Come on, Rene," to the Haitian.

Back at the car, Sylon-in-Parkman has stuffed a body in the trunk, when Parkman-Sylon tells him he was helping him. Sylon-in-Parkman agrees that he's helped him prove a point about the line he can cross that Parkman-Sylon cannot. He can do anything he wants, like killing people in cold blood. He says the world is his hostage; anybody, anytime. Which is not exactly true since he has no powers now, except Matt's, and he can't even use that power. So he's mostly just a regular-old murderer, rather than the superpowered kind. There's a whole to-do about Sylon-in-Parkman making Parkman-Sylon say he understands what Sylon-in-Parkman means, and then Parkman-Sylon looks helpless and seething at how smug Sylon-in-Parkman is now. I would love if we could kill off Parkman now while Sylon's inside him. It would be perfection. Because then the real Sylar could just learn who he can become and never be able to get himself back. So ... it's sort of a restart, but could be so in a good way.

Hospital. Emma's worried about Peter, who says he's fine. She helps him to a chair and then sits down next to him. He says he can't sit down, because too many people need help. But the power keeps draining out of him, then comes back, then drains out of him gain. She says maybe he shouldn't use it anymore. He's like, "And be ordinary?" Then he tells her he has to get back in there. But first he says they could use her help since he saw her with the suture earlier. He asks where she learned that, and she says "clown college," which is cute. His laugh at it is even cuter, but then he's like, "Seriously." She admits medical school, and says she dropped out. He looks hot and sad, a winning combination.

Gretchen's packing in the dorm room with the door wide open when Claire shows up. She wonders why she's packing (and doesn't mention the door that she told her to keep locked), and Gretchen says she's going home -- maybe forever. Claire says she told her she was going to handle it, but Gretchen says baby powder doesn't exactly inspire confidence. Claire says she knows, which is why she called her dad. She says Gretchen's too important to her and she doesn't want to lose her. The Haitian comes in, and Claire explains that he can keep Becky from being invisible. Gretchen says she's sorry, but her flight's booked. She's scared and Claire doesn't understand because Becky's not after her since she can't get hurt. Gretchen leaves as Claire cries that everything's going to be fine, since she and her dad have done this a thousand times. Gretchen says this is Claire's everyday life, not hers; she's just not like her. Gretchen leaves, and Claire asks the Haitian to stay with her until she's on the plane. She cries as he leaves. I think he is going to wipe Gretchen, but that's just a theory. Claire cries, but only for a moment before Samuel knocks on her door. She asks if she can help him, and he says, "Possibly. Hopefully." Commercials.

When we return, Samuel apologizes for the awkward situation. He introduces himself and says he's here looking for his niece, Rebecca. Becky. Claire wonders why she'd know who his niece is, and he says Becky told him who she is -- that she's special, like him. He says he knows Claire's wondering who this guy is and how he knows about her, and that it's hard for Claire to trust anyone in this world, being one of us. She asks why she should trust him, and he says she shouldn't -- at least not until she hears him out. But he might have some answers for her. She looks skeptical.

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