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"What Would Bennet Do?"

Bennet's looking through things in Becky's room. He finds one of Samuel's compasses in the closet when the door opens and closes. He pulls out his taser gun, and starts talking. He says he had a partner like her once and knows that 10,000 volts of electricity should do the trick. And then some. He doesn't want to have to use it. She materializes and asks him why she finds that hard to believe.

Midland, Texas. Sylon-in-Parkman's in the Burnt Toast Diner, and orders the Tahitian pancakes, since Charlie told him they were good last week/three years ago. He orders a coke, then looks at Parkman-Sylon and makes it a diet. Ah, fat jokes. Greg Grunberg must love it. The waitress tells him life's too short for artificial sweeteners, so Sylon-in-Parkman makes it a regular coke again. When he leaves, Sylon-in-Parkman tells Parkman-Sylon that he tried to kill a waitress here once before, and Parkman-Sylon says he can't kill her. Sylon-in-Parkman: "Oh, I'm sorry. Did you miss my whole 'the world is my hostage' bit earlier?" He calls that a bit? Not so much. Parkman-Sylon gets it, and has kept quiet, but Sylon-in-Parkman wants to know everything: how he's in his body and where his body is. Parkman-Sylon says no, so Sylon-in-Parkman threatens the waitress and heads back to where she went into the backroom. Parkman-Sylon tries to stop him, and Sylon-in-Parkman says he will if he tells him what he wants to know. The waitress comes out and Sylon-in-Parkman walks ominously toward her until Parkman-Sylon jumps in and says he'll tell him anything he wants to know. So, Sylon-in-Parkman just grabs a straw from her.

Back in Claire's dorm room, Samuel's apparently filled Claire in because she asks, "So you can move the earth?" Samuel says it's something like that. He tells her they're all like her; a family of sorts, all people with extraordinary abilities. He says that Rebecca came to them when she was young, so Claire says she's not his niece then? He says family is about more than blood; it's about people who love and accept and embrace you unconditionally. Claire asks if he embraces Becky pushing her roommate out the window. He says of course not, but she's complicated because her father was murdered when she was five. Claire wonders how that's her fault, and Samuel says it's not: "You're not the one she's after."

Cut to Becky telling HRG, "It's all about you." He says he's sorry, and she says, "You don't remember me at all?" Then she guesses he wouldn't since he never saw her, but she remembers him. She says she was five, and we get a black-and-white flashback of a little girl having a tea party. He came to her house to try to take her and her dad away. He hid her and told her to stay out of sight, and she'd never seen him so scared. Bennet comes in shooting, without glasses. And we cut to Claire asking Samuel about it, so we know father and daughter are hearing the same story. Claire's sure he had a good reason, and Samuel says the reason was that they were different, "potentially dangerous." He had no warrant or probable cause, and didn't need it for people like them. Becky tells Bennet she laid under the bed and wished he wouldn't find her, and he didn't. HRG: "Your ability manifested." She says she wished her dad wasn't dead, and has spent her whole life wondering why she could make a wish and save herself but not her dad. She's holding a stuffed lamb she had when she was hiding under the bed as she's talking to HRG. Samuel says he thought Becky might have moved past it, but... Claire finished, "She came to get revenge on him." Samuel: "Through you."

Becky says when she found out HRG had a daughter, she stopped wishing and promised to take away Claire's dreams like he did for her. He says he's sorry and takes responsibility, but she's not going to hurt his daughter. She says she's going to hurt them both. He is about to taser her when a sorority sister walks in with her costume and she disappears. HRG tells the girl he was just looking for someone. He excuses himself. Samuel apologizes to Claire for what happened to her roommate, and thinks it was good to send Gretchen away. Claire says she didn't do that; she left. Samuel says fear is easier than understanding when you see the extraordinary through ordinary eyes. He tells her that's why he surrounds himself by people who are like him. Which sounds very Hitler, doesn't it? He goes on that that's why he came to her and not her father, since they both know what he would do in this situation. HRG walks in then, and says, "No, tell me: What would Bennet do?" Commercials once again include an episode of Slow Burn. In this one, Lydia's looking at her daughter and another girl on her Sprint phone, and telling Edgar how happy they look, and how her daughter deserves a normal life. He's playing with his knives and says they'll get her home. Lydia says Samuel's dripping poison in her ear and making her feel like she belongs. Edgar wonders what they should do, and she says they should take her from him, by force if necessary. He flashes his knives and says, "Absolutely."

After commercial, Samuel says he doesn't mean them any harm as HRG has a gun trained on him. Claire tells her dad Samuel said he was Becky's uncle, and Samuel seems hurt to discover that Claire was stalling, keeping him talking. Claire says he seemed to like to talk, and then asks if he actually thinks she would trust him over her dad. HRG says he just ran into Becky, and she's not all there, is she? Samuel acknowledges she's disturbed, but says HRG had a hand in that. Bennet lowers his gun and tosses the compass to Samuel, asking what he knows about that. Samuel holds it and it starts spinning. HRG says every time he sees it, it comes with a dead body: first Danko's. Samuel interrupts and says Danko started all this by killing his brother. He says they didn't want any bloodshed. HRG says he forgot to tell his knife-wielding friend, who sliced Bennet's guts open. Samuel says this compass could mean trouble in the wrong hands, because they need to stay hidden. Bennet wonders from who, and Samuel says Bennet, for starters. He says no offense, but Bennet has a reputation for scorching earth to get to people like him. He says he just wants to get to Rebecca and get her some help. Bennet raises his gun again and says he wants answers.

Hospital. Emma finds a little girl lying unconscious on the floor. Peter comes in and suggests they get her to the E.R., but she says there's no time and she can do this. It's a pneumothorax. She asks for a thoracotomy kit (or something like that) and then gives the little girl a giant shot while Peter monitors her vitals. The girls gasps and wakes up. Peter tells Emma she did it, and comforts the little girl.

Bennet's handcuffing Samuel, who tells him he should watch how he treats him in front of his daughter, since she's like him. Bennet tells Samuel he should watch what he says to his daughter and takes the compass from him. Samuel yells to Claire not to blame her father, since he really doesn't understand us. Bennet orders Samuel in the car, and then someone invisible knocks down Claire and then HRG. Samuel watches but then jumps up and says, "Rebecca! No!" He grabs HRG's taser and shoots her with it, knocking her down. He goes to her and tells her no, as Claire watches, engrossed. HRG gets up with his gun drawn, and Claire yells, "Dad! Don't!" She runs toward him and he pushes her roughly out of the way. Becky and Samuel watch, horrified. She says, "Dad, no!" again from the ground, and Samuel and Becky scamper off. HRG apologizes to Claire and asks if she's all right. She doesn't look thrilled with him.

Sylon-in-Parkman is doodling at the Burnt Toast Diner as his Parkman-Sylon is telling him what he did: pushed Nathan's memories into Sylar's body and wiped his own memories out, keeping them in his brain accidentally or something. Parkman says he'd never done this before. Sylon-in-Parkman says, "Well that's just crazy." I think he's been reading the forums. He asks the waitress for the check,

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