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"What Would Bennet Do?"
and then tells his Parkman-Sylon that he knows he didn't do this all on his own, and wonders who else was involved. He quickly guesses "Mama Petrelli" (him calling her that confirms that he has been reading the forums, or at least the internet), and wonders who else. Parkman says Bennet, and says everyone else thinks Sylar's dead. Sylon-in-Parkman says he's going to go find Nathan and get his body back. "Then. I'm going to kill every single person even remotely involved." Parkman-Sylon watches him leave. Which doesn't make sense, right? Shouldn't the Sylon be with the being, since it's really just something else in the same head? He turns to see the waitress and cook calling the cops as she's showing him Sylon-in-Parkman's doodles, which say, "I have a gun and am going to kill everyone in here."

Outside the Burnt Toast Diner, whose sign actually says "Burnt Toast Café Coffee Shop" for those nitpickers out there, Sylon-in-Parkman and his Parkman-Sylon are surrounded by the police. Sylon-in-Parkman wonders what Parkman-Sylon is doing, and he says he's crossing that line: "You told me I'm not man enough to take a life. Well, you know what, you're wrong. 'Cause I'm going to take yours." Sylon-in-Parkman says he's an idiot and will die with him. He says he knows, and then reaches for something inside his coat, forcing Sylon-in-Parkman to do the same. The cops shoot him about seven times, and he falls to the ground, dead. We know he's dead (or drunk) because the Parkman-Sylon disappears. Which means nothing on this show. But since we've all heard that a male character dies this season, I have to hope this is the one. Though I'm not holding my breath or anything.

HRG's walking a gloomy-looking Claire back to her dorm room, apologizing for pushing her. She says it's okay; she doesn't bruise easy. She enters her room and sees Gretchen's empty bed and gets sad. He tells her she's amazing, and she says she thinks he means "extraordinary." He says he wants her to have everything, because she deserves it: the social life, the education, the white picket fence, all of it. She says that, as he said, sometimes life isn't that simple. She tells him goodnight and gives him a kiss. He says, "Goodnight, Claire Bear." She closes the door and looks sad. Why do I feel like that's a permanent goodbye for them, at least for awhile. Man, I better be wrong.

Hospital. Emma's playing piano, making lovely colors for herself and sounds for others. Peter comes in and sits down next to her. He sees a picture of a little boy and asks who it is. She says it's her nephew, Christopher. I have to admit I didn't expect a nephew, or any child. She tells Peter he drowned while she was babysitting. She says she got distracted, but didn't hear him. She tried to revive him. It was right before her second year of residency, which is why she dropped out. She keeps playing. Peter grabs his messenger bag and pulls out a tiara that Megan (I'm guessing the girl she saved) wanted her to have; she said it's only for special people. Emma sets it down and says, "Special? I couldn't save him." Peter: "But you saved her." He looks down, and she touches him and says, "You saved me." She thanks him, and he smiles sweetly. He asks if she's going to go back to school to be a doctor. She plays and asks if he can see the colors. He says no, he doesn't have that power anymore, but they can still play if she'd like. So they do. But only after he puts the tiara on her. They really are cute, and I hope they become something.

In an ambulance, someone is trying to revive Parkman, but with no luck. Claire's lying in bed, wide awake. She looks at Gretchen's empty bed, then up at the ceiling. Emma's in her closet. She pulls out a doctor's coat that says "Dr. Emma Coolidge." At the carnival, Samuel apologizes for what he had to do to her. She apologizes for getting sloppy with Claire in the first place. He says this isn't the original plan, but they still have Claire right where they want her, then adds he promised Becky revenge and she'll still get it. They smile and laugh. Lydia comes out and says they have a big problem: Sylar's gone. HRG's hanging up some more news clippings on his wall of Samuel & Co. Peter's in his own place taking down his wall of heroic deeds. Someone knocks on his door. When he answers, it's Nathan (or Sylar-as-Nathan). He rushes in and hugs Peter, who asks what's going on. Nathan says, "I think I'm in trouble, Pete." And that's it. "To be continued..."

Next week: The Haitian comes to warn Peter about something. Someone (it looks like Sylar-as-Nathan) looks in a container that could possibly hold a dead body. Sylar-as-Nathan doesn't know who he is anymore. Mohinder tells someone he made a remarkable discovery and then Samuel's ordering him to tell him what was on a film (because they needed to use Samuel in an unrelated storyline this week, they made a giant leap in the time and story on the show and had him detour with no Hiro or going back eight weeks to right his wrongs). Peter says he can heal people now, and then heals Sylon-in-Parkman. Or it looks like it's just Parkman again, because his Sylon is next to him saying, "Good things do come to those who wait." Because Nathan's also in the room. Um, is this show actually on a roll? Dare we hope?

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, just learned the actress who plays Emma shares her first name (sort of). Contact DeAnn, not Deanne, at: twopmodmars@gmail.com.

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