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Invisible Forces
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Previously: Now that Claire's all grown up and joining a sorority (after being invited by Samuel's niece, Becky), Bennet went off to find another kid to take care of. He found a healer-turned-killer named Jeremy. Sylar's still not sure who he is, but he called himself Nathan. Claire and her BFF kissed a little bit. Parkman is keeping Sylon trapped inside his head so the rest of the world can be safe.

A rainy night in Los Angeles. Parkman's house. Matt and Janice are having sex on the floor in front of the fireplace, and there's plenty of moaning involved. But Sylar's the one who's really doing the lovemaking, as a shirtless Zachary Quinto makes clear. Next morning, Parkman wakes up on the floor, confused, and Janice tells him he was amazing. The operative word, of course, being "was." Sylon sits in a chair eating an apple (because noncorporeal beings can eat now), and smirks at Parkman: "Forbidden fruit. My favorite kind." Oh, Sylon, you are such a cliché. Opening title card/eclipse. Hey, maybe we could have another eclipse and change everything again? I'm bored of this stuff now.

Cainan, Georgia. Healer Jeremy's been arrested, and Bennet's watching through a window as an officer handcuffs him to something. A redneck sheriff approaches and HRG tells him he can't do this to Jeremy. Sheriff wonders what's HRG anyway: a lawyer? HRG points out that Jeremy lost his parents, and the sheriff says that's his point exactly. HRG's like, "What about the broken heater you saw?" Cornpone Sheriff says all he knows is that two people are dead, and this isn't the first time Jeremy's made trouble in this town. He says that kid isn't going anywhere until he's finished his investigation and even then, he'll only be released to his next of kin (or, as Cornpone Sheriff says it, "next-uh-keyun"). "And that. Is not you. Friend." The lesson to be learned here is that all people in small Georgia towns are hillbillies. HRG makes a call and asks someone for help.

Next thing we know, Tracy's pulling into a dusty town in her silver, shiny convertible. She doesn't stand out or anything. HRG's waiting on the street when she pulls up. She jokes that she's sure she can get a latte here, right, and Bennet tells her he saw a cow, so all she needs is espresso. Ah, easy jokes. What a delight. Tracy wonders who Bennet's fallback was if she didn't show, but he didn't have one (apparently he doesn't believe in working with Peter two episodes in a row?), so she's honored to be his chosen one. Tracy thought HRG was done with the whole bag-and-tag business, and he says she's right: This is more of a rescue mission. Then he catches her (and anyone who missed last week's episode) up on Jeremy's dual abilities of life and death, and how he killed his parents. HRG says Jeremy's emotions got the better of him, and we all know that can happen (and what he means, of course, is that Tracy especially knows it can happen). Tracy wonders if that's why she was the chosen one, and HRG admits it sort of was, but she's also here because she's going to be playing the part of Jeremy's favorite aunt. She can just pretend he's an older, less cute Micah. (Aw, I miss Micah.) Tracy hesitates, but HRG tugs at her heartstrings by reminding her what it's like to have nobody. She walks inside the station. HRG follows, as some hillbilly cops (I guess?) look at him ominously.

Arlington University at night. Claire and Gretchen are in their beds, but neither is asleep. Gretchen asks if Claire's afraid she's going to kiss attack her in her sleep, and Claire smiles and then says, "Maybe." She looks happy, but she seriously tells Gretchen they should talk about this. Gretchen sits up and says it was stupid, impulsive, and bad. But Claire breaks in saying, "It wasn't bad. You're a good kisser. But I don't want to mess this up." She tells "Gretch" (she really calls her that, in case this storyline didn't already make you want to hurl) that she's the first friend she's had since she left Texas, which is a big deal for her and this totally ordinary life she's been chasing. (By "chasing" she means jumping out of windows, of course. Because that's so normal.) Claire really likes Gretchen a lot. Gretchen: "Just ... not in that way?" Before she can answer, though, some shrouded ninjas break in, and Claire lurches into full-on attack mode, taking one down. Becky unhoods herself, and tells Claire she doesn't have to go all Buffy on them, since they're just kidnapping them. Claire apologizes, and Becky asks if they want to be Alpha Chis or not. Gretchen asks if that's a trick question, and Claire asks where they're taking them. Becky says it wouldn't be a very good kidnapping if she told them, would it? She covers the girls faces (or, actually, the camera, but I think that's the effect they were going for). Commercial.

Claire and Gretchen are breathing heavily in the trunk of a car, covered in black hoods. But since they cast actors who are pretty to look at, they quickly pull their hoods off and end up all cozy and sweaty. Gretchen starts to make it squicky -- "Look at us: all tied up in the dark" -- and then Claire steps it up a notch -- "They have entire websites devoted to this." Sadly, that's true. They stare at each other and then apologize. Gretchen wants to know if Claire likes her as a friend or something more, and Claire says she doesn't know. Then the car bumps and they almost kiss again. Claire repeats she doesn't know, and Gretchen says "Awesome." Becky opens the trunk and welcomes them to "Hell Week." Or some sort of precursor to Hell Week.

Inside a warehouse, Becky lays down the rules to four girls (who have been rehooded): This is a "screamin' scavenger hunt." There's an Alpha Chi treasure nearby, and whichever team finds it first gets to sit out of Hell Week. You can trust Becky: You want to sit out. They've bought goldfish. Whatever that means. She reminds them someone has to win and someone has to lose, and she and the other kidnappers run out. Claire, Gretchen, and the other two sorority pledges are left alone, and the other two start shrieking, "Oh my god! Where are we?" They all remove their hoods and untape their hands. Everyone follows Claire.

Cainan Sheriff's Office. Tracy is let in to talk to Jeremy. She tells him she's a friend of Mr. Bennet's, and that they told the deputies she's his aunt. He's like, "I don't have an aunt." Wow, this kid is slow. She says he does now, because HRG fixed some paperwork and here she is. He tells her that Bennet also said that everything would go away, that the cops would buy the story, that they'd let him go. She says that all she has to do is sign him out, but he thinks that might not be such a good idea, because he killed his parents. He's a murderer. Tracy looks like she's going to cry. But I'm having a hard time feeling sorry for this slow, broody teenager when there are actual characters on this show I'd rather we see.

Parkman house. Matt's yelling at Sylon that he's never been able to control him; he can't do that. Sylon says he had a compelling reason: "Your wife is kinda hot." Matt screams, "Enough!" Sylon says he's the second Parkman he's made scream today, and he can give him some pointers later if he'd like. Matt calls him a crazy psycho, and Sylon asks if he wants to hit him to defend his lady's honor? But he says they both know it's not about that: It's about all those other things Sylon can do to her and Matty next time he takes over Matt's body. "That's when the real fun begins." I sure hope so, because I'm bored with this.

Claire and the other girls are now in a drippy, damp basement. Gretchen says, "Mmmmm. Cozy." Claire notices a sign of a pig on a stool putting on boots that says "You must wear gear in the carcass room." The ditzy girls shriek about the smell of death in here. Claire sees hooks and bloody plastic, and finally, brilliantly figures this is a slaughterhouse. She stops the biggest ditz from saying, "Oh my god" anymore. Gretchen finds a "super cute puzzle" and calls the others over to read them some writing on the wall that says, "What you find will help you survive. / When we were found will keep you alive!" Gretchen wonders what "when we were found" means, but the ditziest ditz opens a locker and fake blood splatters all over her. Claire tells them to open 24, since the sorority was founded in 1924. Gretchen wonders why she knows that and Claire says her mom's a former sister, remember? I remember, but why on earth would anyone know or care when their mother's sorority was founded? They pull backpacks from locker 24, and the ditz's snotty friend takes theirs, and drags her ditzy friend away because now they're going to "bring it," despite Ditz's pleas to stay with Claire.

Back in Georgia, Tracy tells Jeremy that she understands what happened with his parents, since the same thing happened to her the day she discovered her ability. She says she felt threatened, but something took over. Her emotions took over, and she couldn't let go. She touches Jeremy and her hands turns to water. She tells him he got mad, which isn't bad for most people. "We're not most people." Back in the lobby, HRG asks Cornpone Sheriff what possible reason they could hold Jeremy now that his next of kin is here. Cornpone Sheriff has one of his deputies, Gil, show HRG what they found. It's a drawing and poem by Jeremy, in which he calls himself "the bringer of death." Bennet points out that he's seventeen, and half the songs i

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