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Previously: Gretchen left college because she was scared of not being like Claire. HRG and Elisabeth Rohm almost had an affair, but she Haitianed herself. Peter and Sylar-as-Nathan found Nathan's body and then found Parkman and his Sylon, and Sylar-as-Nathan touched Sylon-in-Parkman's hand on his way out, which we all know means... Sylar's back. (Thank goodness, because how sick are we of this Parkman Sylon, Sylon-in-Parkman, Sylar-as-Nathan nonsense?) [Granted, it's half the Sylar we've been dealing with, but who would have thought last season that we'd be happy to have regular Sylar back? - Zach] Hiro went back eight weeks and got a film for Samuel, but he still hasn't given him Charlie back. Mostly because she's still busy on Glee. But I cannot tell you how thankful I am that the previouslies are (mostly) from last week. I was getting so sick of every storyline alternating episodes, as if this show were two separate shows.

Samuel's watching the same video Mohinder watched last week of Chandra Suresh talking about seismic, in-the-womb Samuel. Samuel practically has an orgasm until Hiro interrupts him by banging on the trailer door calling for "Butterfly Man" (a nickname I think we can all agree should go away). Samuel comes out and ignores Hiro's requests for Charlie by talking about the beautiful day, and then finally saying the video he watched put everything into focus, and helped him discover the truth about his destiny -- "our destiny." Because, remember, he needs the other heroes to help amplify his power. Hiro demands he give him Charlie, but Samuel just says, "Sorry. Not yet." Hiro puts his hand on Samuel's shoulder threateningly, prompting Samuel to tell him to go right ahead; then he'll never find Charlie. Hiro tells him in Japanese that he's the devil, but Samuel corrects him that he's Hiro's savior. Then he tells Hiro to smile, since it's Thanksgiving.

HRG's shopping for a turkey, telling Claire over the phone that she has to come to Thanksgiving; she can even invite Gretchen. Claire says she can't, since she moved clear across campus [So far! - Z], so now she's officially a social pariah. HRG takes responsibility, and wants to make it all up to her with a real Bennet Thanksgiving. Then they discuss Lyle (he can't get away from school; but isn't he still in high school?), so HRG begs Claire not to leave him alone with Sandra and Doug. Apparently she goes nowhere without the new boyfriend, even to her ex-husband's Thanksgiving. Which is an odd place to spend a holiday, anyway. [Especially if neither kid is a definite attendee. - Z] Claire says there's something she needs to talk to him about anyway, so she'll see him at 4:30. HRG hangs up and bumps into Elisabeth Rohm, who's apparently CIA ever since Primatech exploded. He says he lives in Dupont Circle, so she wonders what brings him to this grocery store in this neighborhood. He comes for yams, of course, as he picks up a can of them. She never pegged him for a yam man, though she did peg him for a stalker. He admits it, but says he really is cooking Thanksgiving dinner for his daughter and ex-wife. Small talk: Yes, he's divorced but they're still on good terms, hence the ginormous turkey. She helps him out by explaining a frozen turkey won't work at this point, so she leads him to the already-cooked ones. On the way, he invites her to dinner, telling her it would be great to catch up. She ditches her single-serve turkey pot pie for Thanksgiving with the Bennets.

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