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Shouldn't That Be "The Fly Effect?"
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We start back at the Bennet house, where we first see the episode title in a chyron that's folded up to look like a butterfly. Nice. The people who design and execute these effects really deserve an award. We pan left to see Sandra sweeping up some broken glass in the kitchen, an activity she puts on hold to tell Claire that whenever she's ready to talk about what happened, she's there. Claire's cleaned herself up, and in response to her mother's suggestion that they go to a motel for safety, says that Sylar isn't coming back. "He got what he came for." Sandra's mind immediately goes to the rape place, for which she could be forgiven if she hadn't met Sylar, but she has. She should just be happy Lyle wasn't home. Sandra then sees that Claire has her right hand buried in the jagged glass, apparently heretofore unbeknownst to Claire, and goes to get her a towel. When Claire removes the shard in her hand, though, it of course heals. With wonder but no joy, she tells her mother that she didn't feel any pain from the wound, which has never been the case before. "That pain, I've always been so grateful for. Because it's the only time I know I'm still human." I'll have to try to adopt that philosophy next time I have a root canal. Sandra has no idea what to say to that, so she and her adopted daughter sit in silence.

Mama Petrelli throws open the doors to a wing of what looks like a hospital or a mental facility or some such, and takes in a series of horrific sights: Hiro, slumped dead against a door, the Kensei sword buried in his chest. Matt, sitting dead in a chair, eyes still open. Claire, screaming as Knox shoves her up against some live wires. Bennet, lying dead. And finally, Peter, with a huge wound in his upper chest, collapsing against a wall and expiring. Knox drags Claire's body away from her severed head. Mama turns in abject fear, and sees her enemies close up into a phalanx: Adam, Ali Larter (don't know which person or personality it is yet), Maury Parkman and Knox. Sylar then grips her shoulders from behind...

...before, in the back seat of a town car, she snaps out of the dream and tries to collect herself. "Penny for your thoughts?" her chauffeur sadly does not say.

Mama Petrelli then shows up at Peter's apartment, where Future Peter is being kind enough to house-sit while his present self takes a little vacation from his body. She tells him that she had another unspeakable dream, and it's because he's not where he's supposed to be, so he should go back where he came from. He thinks he's saving the world, so she tartly responds, "You never were as smart as you thought you were. I see a few more years on this planet hasn't changed that." Heh. But... Peter actually thought he was smart? He's even dumber than I realized. He tells her there are things he knows that even she can't see, and he's aware of what she becomes. She replies that screwing with time results in the butterfly effect, and explains the concept, not realizing that Peter was actually a huge Ashton Kutcher fan before he got preoccupied with learning to fly and crap like that. Peter's insouciant about the whole thing until Mama Petrelli brings up Claire, saying that because Peter told her not to come to Odessa, she "ended up being where she wasn't supposed to be, and had a pretty bad day because of it." Of course, that makes no sense, because Claire wouldn't have had a reason to go to Odessa in the first place if Future Peter hadn't shot Nathan. That seems like a really bad error on the show's part, but I can get behind Mama Petrelli making Peter feel like shit even if there's no real reason for it. Peter refuses to unclench his jaw or his facial scars, so she tells him to go see for himself, and leaves.

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