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Shouldn't That Be "The Fly Effect?"

Ando: Did you cut me?

Hiro: Of course not! She's the villain! Villain villain villain villain villain!

Ando: But you let her cut me.

Hiro: Yes, but you're evil, so it's okay, and besides, I have a plan.

Ando: You mean the one you just cocked up?

Hiro: No, the real plan, which was me stopping time and putting a tracking device in the medal and not telling you about it.

Ando: You're a dick.

Hiro: You're evil. Villain.

Ando: I am not!

Hiro: Okay. Check out this cool gadget!

Daphne's apparently now in Berlin, and Hiro excitedly says they'll get the second half of the formula before she does, and cries, "The game is afoot!" and he and Ando are out of there. Nice that he came up with a reference outside of Batman, anyway.

Mohinder and Maya are lying in bed when the former sits up and looks indisposed. Cut to the bathroom, where he shakily looks in the mirror and realizes that his skin is starting to peel off. While this development still qualifies as making him "different," I think Maya's going to find it less of a turn-on.

Matt comes to in the desert as he hears a greeting. When he looks up, he finds himself face to face with a large turtle -- and immediately thinks that's what talked to him. Ha! If only that ended up being the case. The voice tells him that the plant a few feet away from him will give him water, so Matt takes the advice and breaks some of it off, then sticking it in his mouth and letting the water run in. "Thank you, turtle! You saved my life!" A man in desert-appropriate grab then appears and asks him why he's talking to a turtle. Hee. He gives Matt his canteen, which is nice but makes me wonder what that whole business with the plant was for. Maybe that really was the turtle talking. After a bit about Britney Spears that I won't be recapping, the guy lets Matt know he's in Africa, and tells Matt to follow him, on the way making such an egregious product placement that it even offends the judges' Coke cups on American Idol. Matt babbles about getting back to America, and actually, with Peter's whole deal about making things right, you'd think he might have come back at least to make sure Matt hasn't become vulture food. The guy tells Matt he must spirit walk for many miles, and man, does Matt just sign up for every loser storyline on this show or what? I'd imagine this is going to develop his powers somehow, but still. The guy also knows Matt's name, and tells him it's not right that he's here. "It tells me the future is not as I've painted it." All right, then, he's NeoIsaac until I get a name. Matt realizes that he's the one that painted the image he saw on the rock, and if that's the future NeoIsaac's so anxious to see come to pass, I'm not sure Matt needs to be having this chat. They keep walking, and look, I love Greg Grunberg, but if he's going to be spirit walking for any length of time I'm going to have to pray for that scorpion to come back and sting him to death.

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