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Shouldn't That Be "The Fly Effect?"

Claire fearfully comes down the stairs, having heard something, but it's Bennet come back home. They give each other a big hug, and he tells her how worried he's been. This continues to be the most affecting relationship on the show for me, so it's tough to watch when Claire realizes Bennet's not staying. He urgently tells her something's happened. "Something that I can't ignore."

Linderman and Nathan are playing chess as the former tells the latter that he made the right choice. Nathan says it's going to be different this time -- he's going to be the one making the decisions, and Linderman deliciously agrees, "Of course you are," in a soothing, who's-a-big-boy-now voice. Heh. A nurse then enters and admonishes Nathan for being up so late, and he jokes that he's in the middle of a heated game, but her confusion leads him to realize what we already knew -- no one can see Linderman but Nathan. Well, and us. Linderman affirms this: "Did I not mention that?" Heh. Nathan gives the nurse a sheepish smile, like, "I was just kidding. No need for thorazine, really!"

Bennet is showing Claire computer files of the Unit 5 escapees -- Knox, who can absorb people's fear and turn it into great strength; Second Bald Guy is a flamethrower, and the computer screen says his codename is "Flint"; the guy with the glasses from earlier is called The German, and can control magnetic energy; and, of course, Jesse Levine. "You don't want to know." Yes I do! His power must be super-cool! Bennet shuts the computer and says the escapees could destroy them all. He goes on that even before Claire was born, he was finding these people and locking them away so they couldn't hurt anyone, but now a dozen of them have escaped. "And they will kill, they will terrorize, and they will conspire. And they will cause unimaginable destruction to the world." Bennet says he's one of the only people in the world that knows enough to stop them, so that's why he has to go. Does he know the location of the Haitian? Because no offense to his body of knowledge, but I think that's about the most valuable thing he has to offer. Claire asks to go with him and be his partner, and says she can help. That is really, really not remotely the worst idea I've ever heard, but Bennet, of course, won't hear of it. She points out that she was willing to shoot Peter (another plot point that's been repeated) but Bennet tells her he's going to go after the villains so she doesn't have to. Claire asks what will happen if someone comes there, but Bennet's got that covered too, as he's called someone to help. Sandra enters, and while she kicks ass, I don't blame Claire for thinking that she's not exactly a match for Flint or The German. But she merely says that she knows Claire must have a lot of questions. "As adoptive parents, there's only so many we can answer." With that setup, she moves to the side... and out of the shadows steps Claire's biological mother, Meredith. Nice! Jessalyn Gilsig rocks. Bennet says that she's there to make sure the rest of them stay safe. "You're in good hands." By way of demonstrating that, Meredith opens her hand, and fire trails up out of it. I'll forgive the gratuitous demonstration on behalf of new viewers, mostly because of my affinity for bad wordplay.

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