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Shouldn't That Be "The Fly Effect?"

Peter pops into Unit 5, and is surprised to see Sylar but no one else. His mother appears and starts crowing about the butterfly effect, but gets genuinely worried when Peter tells her that he put his present self into Jesse. She tells him to fix it and get back there. "And then go the hell back where you came from!" Honey, let's go have a cocktail. We both deserve it.

Peter, using one of those pay phones that simply litter the streets these days, is leaving a message for Nathan, saying he's got to look out for someone who looks just like -- we cut to the reflection of Jesse -- "me." Nice, I liked that. He starts to describe the scar on his face, but Knox appears and hangs up the phone, saying their ride is there. They start to head toward it, but Peter's horrified when he sees Flint immolating some random girl while The German beats some guy up. Peter asks what they're doing, and The German replies, "Just having a little fun, that's all." No wonder Peter was confused. The German gratuitously (not that I wouldn't do the same) uses his power to open the car doors, and then Flint comes up and gives Peter a big smile and a conspiratorial wink. Aw! They're just like Natural Born Killers! Peter watches the corpse, which looks like an irregular crash test dummy, burn for a moment, before Knox tells him they've got to go. As sirens blare, he looks at his reflection again and realizes he has no choice, and hops in.

Sylar, still strapped in, looks half-conscious as Mama Petrelli enters. She tells him that her sons have been such a disappointment, but she can give him "what all boys crave from their mothers. Inspiration, kindness, and comfort. Isn't that right, Gabriel?" Considering he killed the snowglobe-obsessed woman he thought was his mother, you might be asking the wrong person there, Angela. Sylar grits that his name is, well, Sylar, and she's not his mother. Angela takes his hand and leans in close: "But I am, dear, I am." Sylar's head looks like it's spinning, but whether it's at the highly soapy development or at the thought that he's related to Peter is for you to contemplate until next week.

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