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Shouldn't That Be "The Fly Effect?"

Ugh, this scene. Maya returns to Mohinder's lab, killing any new-season goodwill I had toward her, and finds a shirtless Mohinder hanging upside-down from the ceiling. He does a flip down to the ground, and Maya apologizes for the previous night before starting to get overwhelmed by the not-entirely-human pheromones coming off Mohinder's sweaty body. I'd think Jeff Goldblum would be pissed, but then again, at least he doesn't have to deal with Maya. Mohinder tells her he injected himself with the serum, and far from getting her stupid power, he's agile and fast and has boundless energy. [And self-oiling muscles! - Zach] He also seems to be drinking an inordinate amount of milk, but that's a less sexy detail, so I don't blame him for leaving it out. He scales the wall as he tells her that he's been monitoring his own vitals, and they're all normal. He then flips back down to the floor and puts his hands on her arms as he goes on that if he can give powers to anyone, it's only a matter of time before he figures out how to take them away, which is great news for her. He then checks out her rack, which might seem gratuitous but could just be his milk-thirst coming to the fore again, and then kisses her and rips off her shirt. This prompts her to pant, "You are different," which I guess means a man wanting her is more unusual than a man who scales walls in the blink of an eye. We get some more Mayhinder action before going to the title card. Be grossed out. Be very grossed out.

Oh, great, we're back in the desert with Matt. No disrespect to the Israelites, but I have the feeling this storyline's going to at least seem to last forty years. Matt wanders. He passes a vulture. who's like, "Don't go too far -- lots of meat for the picking." He wanders. He hallucinates. He passes out, face down...

...And in an ironic segue, we cut to jaunty music (Iggy Pop's "He's Frank") playing as Sylar struts down the street. We then suddenly switch views to a black-and-white recording from a camera inside a car, which quickly pulls up to Sylar. The two occupants get out and tell Sylar to get on the ground, and the male shoots him. Iggy Pop tells us, "He's a peculiar boy." I've certainly always thought so. Sylar merely staggers back a step, leaving them to look at each other ineffectually for ten years before he mercifully knocks their incompetent asses away, and the male goes flying into the windshield, apparently breaking the camera in the process...

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