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Shouldn't That Be "The Fly Effect?"

...And we pull back from the static-y image to see that Bob (Tobby) has been watching the feed. He tells Elle that they were two of their best agents, and I'm going to assume he's saying this to drive home the point that she screwed up, because I've seen more subtle attempted apprehensions on episodes of Cops, and if that's the best the Company has to offer, they are up shit's creek indeed. Elle apologizes for letting Sylar get away, and says she can still stop him, but he looks at some files as he offhandedly and faux-rhetorically asks why he should keep putting her in a position where she's just going to let them both down. "That's not fair to either of us, is it?" Elle looks at him like she can't believe even he could be quite this passive-aggressive, but in fairness he is about to have his skull sliced open, so it's good he got to go out on a high note.

We get a closeup of a computer screen that's being used to digitally analyze fingerprints, and we see Hiro is watching this when Ando calls his name. Hiro's like, "Don't startle me like that, you traitorous electrified punk!" Or so was implied by his girly double-take. He accuses Ando of sneaking up on him, and I know he's freaked out by his trip to the future, but it's hard to sneak up on someone after CALLING HIS NAME FROM HALFWAY ACROSS THE OFFICE. Ando asks who all the mysterious guys are, and Hiro tells him that they're expensive and discreet private detectives. Although the subtitles actually say they're "discrete," which could be another reason why they cost so much. Anyway, Hiro explains that they're trying to get an ID on Flashette, and presently, one of them comes up with the news that her name is "Daphne Millbrook." Fine, spoil my fun. The guy gives Hiro her address, which is in Paris, and Hiro makes to teleport out of his office like, two seconds later, and though I'm willing to believe the guy made it out of the room, you still might want to CLOSE THE DOOR JUST IN CASE. Ando asks if Hiro isn't going to take him along, and Hiro's like, "Oh, yes! Why would I possibly forget that! Surely I am not afraid of you possibly killing me over the formula that I'm just going off to get! That could not be it at all!" They pop out of there.

So despite the fact that last time we saw him, the Governor was writing Nathan's name in colored marker with flowery hearts and putting it in his hope chest, he apparently has "cold feet" about him now, so Tracy has to point out that the Junior Senator seat of New York has been vacant for a month, and it's his job to fill it. (Don't know if that's actually the procedure in New York, and more importantly, don't care.) A chyron tells us the duo's surnames (Tracy's is "Strauss" and the Governor's is "Malden") as Tracy argues for Nathan as both a dynamic and a strategic choice. After a frankly excessively long pedeconference in which the Governor keeps balking and Tracy keeps pushing him (one point of interest is her declaration that "the far right is loving him, which fits in nicely with your priorities"), she tells him that he doesn't pay her for sex. "I give that for free." I don't see a ring on that finger, missy! Then again, your far-right constituents would probably accept "Life happens" as an explanation. Her point, anyway, is that he pays her for her counsel, and she's advising him to appoint Nathan. As the conference-room door in front of which they're now standing opens and some guy tells the Governor they're ready for him, Malden tells Tracy to reach out to him. She kittenishly says her flight leaves in an hour, and if it weren't for the tight schedule and the people watching, I think there would be some more no-cost sex on tap here.

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