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Shouldn't That Be "The Fly Effect?"

Tracy is in a parking garage heading to her car when a reporter with whom she seems to be familiar accosts her. She breezes by him, saying the Governor hasn't made his choice yet, but he actually wants to talk about her -- specifically a photo he's dug up of Niki in her stripping days. I should tell you, in deference to a reader that e-mailed me in mock (I think) consternation, that the reporter is played by William Katt, who played the lead on ABC's The Greatest American Hero back in the eighties. But even though I am plenty old enough to have watched that show, I wouldn't have recognized him. Believe it or not, he got old. He suggests a story title of "Las Vegas Stripper Becomes K Street Ice Queen," and says his "sources" assure him that the woman in the picture is Tracy. She declines to comment, and when he says he'll run the story regardless, she conversationally tells him that if he does, she'll hunt him down and destroy him. To emphasize her point, she speeds out of there in a big show of hairpin turns and squealing tires. Or maybe it's just that she needs to check a bag.

In front of a window that boasts a lovely view of a greenscreen of the Eiffel Tower, Hiro and Ando appear in Daphne's flat. They look around in wonder at the cornucopia of stolen artifacts from around the world that litter the place, including, most spectacularly, the Mona Lisa. (Crowd at the Louvre a few days earlier: "Zut alors!") Hiro and Ando look at each other, unable to hide how cool they think that is.

By some train tracks, Claire is setting up her camera to tape another entry for America's Funniest Regenerative Videos. She tells the camera that she's starting to wonder if she's even human anymore. "Because if you can't feel anything, do you still have a soul?" That may seem pretty heavy, but trust me, it'll be hilarious once she dubs in the slide whistle. We hear a train coming as she says she needs to prove she's still alive. The train appears and bears down as she steps onto the tracks and adds, "My name is Claire Bennet, and this is Attempt Number Seven." I'm sure Train Operators One Through Six don't mind one bit that your existential crisis means a lifetime of therapy for them. She stands to face the train and raises her arms, which is another little religious touch in a season full of them so far, but before she can give another engineer permanent nightmares, Peter swoops in and flies off with her...

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