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Shouldn't That Be "The Fly Effect?"

...And they land roughly in the adjoining field. He asks what she's doing, and she snits, "What does it look like? Trying to get hit by a train!" What do you say to that, Einstein? She tells him she needed to feel something, and starts to cry as he asks what happened, and pulls her into an embrace. And look, I don't want to dwell on it, but given that they play blood relatives quite believably, it's a little unsettling to think that they're dating in real life. And because of, you know, the other thing. Anyway, Claire's response to Peter's question is "Something awful," leaving him free to Blue Steel his way into a commercial.

We're back with Peter and Claire, who are now walking for no reason other than that it makes getting a two-shot of them a lot easier, and Claire is just finishing up telling him about her encounter with Sylar. Peter is none too thrilled that his mother was correct, and ignores Claire's question of what makes her different and special in favor of telling her that what happened was his fault. Claire tells him that actually, it was her fault because she can't defend herself, and even though she can self-heal, she's still a victim. She asks Peter to teach her, given that he learned to use his power and fought Sylar. Well, that may be, but things didn't always go so well for him, Claire. In fact, I seem to remember that the only reason he wasn't a corpse in Season One was that he ABSORBED YOUR POWER, HELLO. Peter doesn't point this out, instead whining about the space-time continuum or whatever and popping the hell out of there. I'd be pissed that he didn't give me a ride, but that might have changed things forever. Seriously, though, I'm not being bitchy for no reason -- all this obsession with timelines is kind of starting to bug me. The thing is, no one seems to be in a position to be an arbiter of what's really meant to happen. In other words, is anyone aware of what the world would have been like if no one -- not Hiro, not Peter, not anyone else with this power -- had screwed with time? Because if not, who's to know whether time travel will make things better, worse, or just different? It bothers me when there's no clear goal, and it's true it's only the second episode of the season, but... has there really been a clear goal on this show since Kirby Plaza? I have hope that the religious elements in this season are going to lead somewhere interesting, at least, but I sure don't have the patience of a saint.

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