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Shouldn't That Be "The Fly Effect?"

Anyway, Nathan is literally on his knees praying when Tracy enters his room, apparently having devoted her entire time on the plane to applying her lipstick. Nathan sees her and mumbles, "Speaking of sin!" Heh. Tracy apologizes, saying the nurse gave her leave to stop by, and she pitches him on the junior senatorship, unaware that he of course thinks she's Niki. I've never been a huge fan of Ali Larter's, but she is definitely doing a good job in adjusting her mannerisms and inflections to give Tracy a whole different identity from any of the other people or personalities we've seen. When Nathan actually addresses her as "Niki," though, she asks if he thinks he knows her. Nathan: "The word 'Biblically' comes to mind." Heh, nice. Tracy surely thinks that Nathan is still somewhat out of sorts, so she doesn't even flinch when he tells her they met in Vegas, instead introducing herself. Nathan lets the Niki thing go, and Tracy goes on that the offer is serious, and the Governor wants him. She gives him a card with her cell number on the back, and behind her, we see that Linderman has appeared. But Tracy doesn't, walking straight by him and exiting. Nathan doesn't quite seem to notice this oddity, though, instead asking if Linderman put Niki up to this stunt. Linderman, however, vouches for not only the validity of Tracy's offer but of the fact that she's not Niki, and given that Malcolm McDowell's voice could sell ice to Eskimos, I am now convinced of same. Linderman wonders if there might be a reason for "somebody so familiar, offering you the chance of a lifetime?" He goes on that Nathan should think about it. "This is God's plan." Nathan, however, seems more resistant to Linderman's charms than I am, as he kicks him out.

Elle enters her dad's office and says that she's been thinking, and why should they go look for Sylar when Unit 5 has all these juicy powers with which they can bait him? Thee's no response, though, and she takes the silence as further psychological punishment. Of course, since the chair is facing away from us, only people who've never watched TV before would fail to realize that this means Bob is dead. But given Elle's childhood, that actually is a strong possibility in her case. And while I do quite like Stephen Tobolowsky, I definitely enjoyed the quick "Your services are no longer required" feel to his death. Elle does not seem to agree...

...and moments later is determinedly stomping down the hall past Jesse (who keeps whining that he's Peter, like, surely you realize by now that nobody cares, and also, aren't your fellow prisoners going to wonder about that later?), Knox, and that other guy the show refuses to name. Elle goes straight into Bennet's cell and tosses him a gun, telling him Sylar's in the building. Bennet playfully tells her that "Daddy" doesn't want him to leave, but she puts paid to any levity by telling Bennet about Sylar killing her dad. She strides out, but before Bennet can follow, he hears Elle scream and sees her fly up into his window before falling to the ground. He exits and runs into Sylar, who greets him as "Noah" (heh), and asks if he missed him. By way of answering, Bennet plugs him in the chest multiple times. And this is before he knows what Sylar did to his daughter. Sylar slumps to the floor, blood smeared all over the wall behind him, but as Elle coughs and lifts her head, we hear the ominous plink of a bullet falling to the floor. After the noise is repeated for each of Bennet's shots, Sylar looks up: "Ouch." Heh. But is he just being funny, or did he actually feel pain? No time to wonder about that, as Sylar TKs Bennet away like a rag doll, knocking him unconscious.

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