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Shouldn't That Be "The Fly Effect?"

Jesse's a ham sandwich on a hard roll as he yells "Sylar! You bastard!" but Sylar isn't listening, instead picking up the gun and heading over to Elle. Elle's hand crackles feebly, but she's clearly weak, and Sylar encounters no resistance as he flips her over. Peter-in-Jesse yells to leave her alone, and I do like Francis Capra, but I hope he gets straightened out soon because his Peter Petrelli is bugging the crap out of me. Sylar demonstrates Bob's power to Elle as he turns the gun into gold before our eyes, which I guess means that money's going to be a hell of a lot tighter at the Company from here on out. Elle spits that Sylar killed Bob, and he replies that he's killed a lot of people. "You're as much to blame for that as anyone. Maybe even more so." Hmm, interesting. It's amusing to think he's just referencing the fact that she let him escape, as Bob would no doubt be nodding approval from beyond the grave, but I wonder if there's more to it than that. Sylar isn't going to tell us, though, as he raises the Index Finger of Incision in her direction. But as he starts to cut open her forehead, she screams, and suddenly erupts in an electrical storm that engulfs Sylar and sends him flying. You know, I may have my concerns about the season arc, but a lot of individual scenes here are totally kicking ass. That ruled!

When we return, there's a loud alarm going off, and a groggy Elle sees some bespectacled guy (I thought on first viewing it was Bennet, but this guy is younger) standing over her, followed by Peter-in-Jesse, who tells her his real identity again before Knox whisks him away. Elle's electrical explosion apparently freed the prisoners from their cells, and she sits up and watches them go before catching sight of Bennet dragging an unconscious Sylar off somewhere. And while Bennet may not be able to kill him now, I don't think it's going to be from lack of trying. Elle looks like she's losing consciousness again...

...So we head back to Paris, where Hiro and Ando are checking through the purloined goods for the formula. Ando then tries to take a gold brick off a shelf full of them, but underestimates its weight (nice touch; gold is frickin' heavy) and drops it. Hiro's like, "Figures." Apparently it hasn't occurred to him that his pissypantsed little attitude might be the very thing that causes Ando to snap and zap him in four years. Ando asks what's up with all the shade being thrown his way, so Hiro, to his credit, tells Ando what he saw in the future, although he doesn't mention Ando's powers, merely calling him a "villain." Ando speculates that it was a robot or a shapeshifter that Hiro saw, but it seems pretty clear from their interaction that Future Hiro, at least, thought he was dealing with the real Future Ando, which to me makes the likelihood that it wasn't him a lot smaller. Hiro's like, whatever, and says they need to set a trap for Daphne. "That's what Batman always does with Catwoman." Hee. That makes me want to see Hiro have a scene with Eartha Kitt -- I think she'd fluster him to the point where he'd pop off to a desert island and never come back. Hiro thinks they need a ransom, and muses to himself, "What treasure does the world's fastest thief hold most dear?" [He briefly considers some 9th Wonder comics, which Daphne must have picked up after she met one of the book's stars, although I can't imagine they're still printing them. - Zach] The answer comes when he sees a medal hanging from its ribbon nearby, and checks it out: "First place, hundred yard dash, twelfth grade." Hiro looks mighty pleased with himself, but the Mona Lisa smiles like, "You think you're so clever, but wait until you see what would have happened if you'd picked me! See, I have reason to smirk!"

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