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Shouldn't That Be "The Fly Effect?"

Nathan's looking in the mirror, and we see Peter behind him, who asks how he's feeling. Better, I'd guess, because in a reversal, Nathan looks nicely tanned, while Peter looks like he spent his four future years in a root cellar. Seriously, if he's going to cover up the facial scars, could he also arrange not to look like the undead? Nathan says he feels conflicted, and tells Peter about Tracy's offer. He goes on to recall that the last time he was in politics, he almost let Manhattan be destroyed. "Not really sure what that says about my basic nature." Heh. Peter tells him everything's different now, and since I gave four different examples of how that's utterly untrue last recap, let's just say I disagree and leave it at that. Peter then warns Nathan that he needs to show him something, and drops the illusion to reveal his true visage. Nathan instinctively recoils, and Peter tells him he's from the future, and he's the one that shot him. Nathan's too stunned to respond, so Peter goes on that in his world, people like them are hunted and slaughtered. "Used. All because of what you told the world at that press conference." He goes on that he had to stop that from happening, and if I were Nathan I might be like, "And with all your powers and the fact that you're my brother, the only way you could think of to stop me was by SHOOTING ME IN THE CHEST? Mom really is right about how dumb you are!" Hmm, I think I might be starting to hate Peter. Nathan's response, however, is better: "I'm not sure how I'm supposed to respond to this." Heh. Peter confesses that despite his success in stopping Nathan, he thinks he's failed in his mission to save the world, and he needs Nathan's forgiveness in order to keep going. Nathan chooses to ignore this for the moment, instead asking Peter what's next. "Do I take the offer?" Peter has to explain that the timeline he comes from no longer exists, so he doesn't know -- Nathan will just have to be the brother he always looked up to. "You gotta make the right choices." Telling Peter to shut up doesn't quite seem to cover it, but I'm on deadline here. SHUT UP, PETER. Nathan asks where he's going, and Peter tells him, "To set things right." He disappears, possibly heading back to the beginning of Season Two.

Tracy comes speeding back into the parking garage. Her phone rings, she answers (No hands-free device? Don't you film in California, show?), and it's Nathan, who accepts the offer on one condition -- she has to be on his staff. "I'm not going into this without an ally." And free sex! She tells him that won't be a problem, and as she pulls into her spot, says they'll do a press conference the next day. Her face falls, however, as she sees the Greatest American Reporter in her rearview mirror, so she tells Nathan to expect a call shortly, and hangs up. Outside the car, he asks once again if she wants to make a comment, as he's submitting the story in 15 minutes. She tries to tell him that Niki just looks like her, but he hands her a small laptop on which a video file is playing of Niki/ikiN/Jessica giving Nathan a lap dance. I know you're about to die, GAR, but if you'd just send that file to Nathan, I'm sure he'd appreciate it. He could use some cheering up. GAR says that he's got a friend who works in security at the Corinthian Hotel in Vegas, and he notes that not only does the woman on the video look like Tracy, the man looks like Nathan. Tracy, getting more and more upset (adrenaline is pumping, I suppose) tries again to deny it's her and starts to walk away, but then gets overcome with emotion. He repeats his "Ice Queen" headline bit, just in case we were going to miss the irony, but if the writers felt the need for him to say it now, they shouldn't have had him say it before. We've got enough repetition around here as it is, despite what Idiot Peter may think. Anyway, Tracy grabs GAR by the arm, her hand turns blue, and in a matter of seconds, she's frozen him solid, much to her horror. When are these people going to learn that terrible things always happen in parking garages? He collapses and shatters, "Hasta la vista, baby"-style, and, as Tracy, in a panic, makes herself scarce, some of his remains start to melt and flow toward a nearby drain. Believe it or not, that was pretty damn cool.

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