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Shouldn't That Be "The Fly Effect?"

Sylar is unconscious and strapped to a gurney and some machines as Elle watches him, and then Mama Petrelli's voice rings out: "Quite a little mess you've made here!" Just in case you thought her father's death would mean the end of authority-figure disapproval for Elle. Mama Petrelli lets us know that she's next in the Company's chain of command, and by the way, while Elle's electrical outburst may have resulted in Sylar's capture, it also shut down their grid, which allowed "a dozen inmates that are just as bad or worse" to escape. If that's the case, I wonder what her explanation is for the fact that they couldn't capture even a power-deprived Sylar for all of last season, but I'm sure she'd find some way to blame that on poor Elle too. Anyway, Elle's fired. Elle emotionally says she's worked for the Company her entire life, and asks what she's supposed to do now. Mama Petrelli: "I suppose you'll have to get yourself another life!" Hey, how about being a PI-in-training? You've even got a built-in taser! Elle stomps off, and Mama Petrelli regards Sylar's unconscious form impassively.

It's night in the City of Lights, and Hiro asks if Ando understands the plan. Ando thinks it sounds dangerous. "Does Batman put Robin in danger when he sets a trap for Catwoman?" You guys, Batman and Robin are homosexuals that all but shove their junk in your face while campy music plays. You might want to let the comparison go. [Blasphemy! - Zach] They start bickering again about the damn vision, so thank God for Daphne finally showing up and heatedly asking what they're doing there. Hiro tells her that now he has something of hers, and holds up the medal. She tries to speed-grab it away from him, but he's too quick for her, popping across the room. "You are not faster than me, nemesis!" I guess Hiro being a superhero geek makes it believable he'd know that word in English. I'm guessing he also knows "archenemy" and "sidekick." After another go-round, he offers her a trade, which she too-breezily accepts, saying her boss isn't going to be too happy. She declines to reveal anything further, though, instead retrieving the formula, which causes Hiro to exclaim to Ando, "You didn't look behind the Mona Lisa?" Ando's little "Oopsie" shrug is hilarious, but he does kind of deserve to be put in danger for that one. Daphne says she was about to head out to get the other half of the formula, and then Hiro hands the medal to Ando and pushes him forward to make the exchange with this assurance: "This is a trade between two honorable people." Daphne gives a super-fake smile and nod, and then drops the act: "Wrong." I think I'm starting to like her. She speeds forward, and Hiro freezes time, but only succeeds in slowing her to normal, as before. She holds a knife to the now-frozen Ando's neck, and threatens to kill him if Hiro doesn't give up the medal. She pushes the knife into his neck to show she's not kidding, although I guess the bright side is that the blood can't flow while the time freeze is on. But Hiro lets it go, and Daphne's out of there in a flash, leaving Ando to fall back into Hiro's arms. They then have the following discussion:

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