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Previously: Arthur did some ADR work to add "I must steal your memory" over Hiro's girly shrieking. Got it, thanks. And speaking of which, I am starting this recap on Thanksgiving. I will leave it to you to decide exactly how ironic that is.

Mohinder babbles as we pan over a bunch of sketches apparently drawn by Arthur, one of which depicts what looks like Bennet holding Claire in his arms. In the drawing, Claire is bleeding from her shoulder, which can only mean she's going to die, in the "logic" of this show. Arthur snaps out of it...

...and in her office, Angela looks at a photograph of her family from a happier time, before turning to the window and looking up at the moon, which is approaching the sun...

...which fades into the shot of the total eclipse from the stupid comic ex machina. Mohinder tells us about "game-changers," like, if only, and Hiro and Ando look at each other like the word "eclipse" wasn't uttered so many times last week as to have lost all meaning. Arthur looks at a drawing of the eclipse too, and YOU DEVOTED AN ENTIRE BORING EPISODE TO TELLING US THAT "IT" IS "COMING"! And the TITLE of this episode is "THE ECLIPSE!" We fucking get it already!

Sylar is still practicing Elle's ability under her supervision, like, he certainly never seemed to have this much trouble with any of the other seventeen thousand powers he's lifted, but this is all so he can urgently tell Elle that he has to prove himself. She asks to whom he needs to do that, and he replies that he's not sure she'd understand, as if she of all people wouldn't get the idea of trying to please a demanding father who's never satisfied, and that he didn't SAY SO IN SO MANY WORDS LAST WEEK with that cheesy, awful line about "we" never being good enough for "them." Elle refrains from pointing this out, instead suggesting he try again, but Arthur interrupts by entering and telling Sylar that he needs him to find Claire and bring her back to him. He unnecessarily asks if Sylar thinks he can do that, which is the cue for Sylar to eagerly and obsequiously assure Arthur that he can. Elle looks chagrined at Sylar's eagerness to toe the line, and then tells Arthur that she's going too. Sylar's unpleasantly surprised, which makes no sense, so Elle pleads her case, saying "they" won't make it easy, and she was raised to be a company girl. Sylar dumbly says he thought she'd left that behind, not that I have any idea what he's basing that on, and Elle replies that it's what she knows. Sylar asks "Dad" if he's okay with this, and Arthur takes twenty years (everything he says is so fucking dramatic, God) to say that he thinks it's a "good pairing." Translation: Like I give a shit. Elle smiles back at Sylar, who looks like he got a lobotomy for Thanksgiving: "Let's go get the cheerleader."

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