The Eclipse, Part 2

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God, what a massive, colossal waste of time almost every bit of these last two episodes have been. "Game-changer," my ass -- the only meaningful development is the loss of Kristen Bell, which as ideas go is up there with putting Maya and Mohinder together and having two Peters running around at once. With its bloated budget, I would not be shocked if the network found a way to axe the show mid-season. But ranting is not going to make this recap go any faster, so...

...we start back in Haiti, where Peter is running to keep up with The Haitian, who lets us know -- again -- that he has no powers. Peter points out that The Haitian told him all this happened for a reason: to test their resolve. He... did? Has my memory been tampered with, just like Hiro's? It would explain why I don't remember the eclipse having fuck-all to do with anyone's powers, at least. Peter makes the point that Samedi's abilities are gone at the moment as well, but The Haitian trumps that argument by reminding us about the private little army from which they just got a lot of cardiovascular exercise fleeing. The Haitian doesn't add that if he had his powers, he'd be able to take Samedi's away, but that will be addressed soon enough. Instead, he tells Peter that Samedi's followers think he's a god, so Peter suggests they disabuse them of that notion. The Haitian asks Peter why he came there, and astutely doesn't buy Peter's first response that he came to bring The Haitian back to stop his father, so Peter confesses that he "needed to know he could be a hero without his powers." I'm in favor of this experiment, given that it will prove that Peter's a douchebag loser with or without abilities, but somehow I doubt he's going to see it that way regardless of what happens. The Haitian apparently is moved by this argument, and they head off, but not before Peter incurs more corneal damage by looking up at the damned eclipse AGAIN.

An ashen Claire is being wheeled urgently down a hospital corridor on a gurney, telling us that she's in pain as Sandra hustles alongside to keep up with her. One of the medics then disengages from the crowd and stops Sandra by asking her when the injury occurred, and, when Sandra responds that it just happened, curtly says it would be better if she were honest here, as Claire's whole system is infected, which means either Sandra's lying or "she's never been sick in her whole life." Is that actually true, or another retcon? I feel like maybe that was actually said at one time, but it makes no sense if everyone's powers were supposed to have been turned on by the first eclipse. Whatever, they don't care, why should I, right? Anyway, Sandra balks, so the nurse tells her she'll have to come clean to the police, and adds that she doesn't know if Claire is going to be okay. She departs, and Sandra watches worriedly through the glass.

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