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Hold still, Sylar--there's something sticking out of your head.
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Oh, no. It's never a good sign when Moyawnder's voiceover plays OVER the previouslys. I might need to bring a pillow and a blanket to this recap, y'all.

The voiceover says some crap about expectations and urges as we get a replay of last week's show. A quick synopsis: Claire doesn't trust her father, Sylar's crapped out on the floor of his cell with Hissy McCockroach, Matt hates Bennett and headed up a stupid raid on Primatech Paper, Bennett paid a visit to Mohinder, Claire jumped off a building to get her friend Zach back, and Peter woke from his coma only to wind up chasing down an invisible man. "Is this transformation a gift or a curse?" asks Moyawnder. I'll tell you what's a curse, Moyawnder...

The current episode picks up right where the last one left off, with Peter chasing down the wallet-stealing homeless-outfit-wearing invisible man. We get a repeat of the scene where Christopher Eccleston throws Peter up against a pole (dirty!), and innocent bystanders wonder where the hell the angry voices are coming from. I actually like that the show does this -- the initial replay of the previous episode's final moments. It's very comic book-y, which is awesome.

So, Christopher Eccleston's got Peter in a chokehold and he demands to know how Peter can see him. Peter manages to gasp out an explanation of his power mimicry. Christopher Eccleston steps back. "Fantastic," he says bitterly, channeling The Doctor. "You're one of those." Hee. Peter's all, hey now, wait a minute -- you know someone else like me? And he sounds all surprised about it. Dude? Your brother can fly, Hiro can time-travel, and Isaac can paint the future; for all intents and purposes, YOU actually know someone else like you. Yes, he's awfully pretty, but not so bright, huh?

Peter chases after Christopher Eccleston as he pushes people out of his way and they look around like, "What the fuck just hit me?" Peter wants to know who he is and Christopher Eccleston says, "Me? I'm no one. I'm Claude Rains. I'm the Invisible Man. Now get away from me. Forget you ever saw me." Peter somehow jumps to the conclusion that because Claude here can run around stealing wallets while wearing a grungy overcoat, he can help Peter figure out how to control his ability in order to save the world. He demands that Claude help him. Claude's all, uh, what the hell would I do THAT for? Peter's all, because the world is going to blow up! Claude's all, okaaaaay, and? Peter's all, we have to stop it! Claude's all, uh, I don't know about you, mate, but I'm going to go steal a pint and call it a day. Peter continues to try and convince Claude to help him, but even though Claude does look a wee bit upset at the idea of New York being blown up, he's too cynical and bitter to think that helping Peter will do any good whatsoever.

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