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This Just In: Sylar Has Mommy Issues.

Vegas. D.L. has discovered that Micah's been hijacked by Linderman, and he's none too pleased. Jessica tries to convince her husband that she told Linderman he couldn't have her son and that Linderman took him anyway, but D.L.'s not buying what she's selling. He says he's done with her and that he's going to get Micah himself. He leaves and Niki, who's still trapped in the mirror, pleads with Jessica to go help D.L. If she doesn't, he'll get killed. Niki tells Jessica that this is her one chance to save their son. Jessica sucks it up and goes after D.L.

Meanwhile, Micah's in a hotel room in New York with Candice. She's still morphed into Niki, though, so Micah is just calmly playing video games in the living room. Candice is on the phone with Linderman, bitching about how she's squandering her talents on babysitting this kid. She morphs into Niki and goes to talk to Micah. When she tells him she was on the phone with Linderman, he says he doesn't like him because he smells funny. That's the smell of fear, Micah, which must flow from Linderman in waves. Micah says he doesn't like it here and he doesn't want to do what Linderman wants him to, and Candice fucks up as his mother when she snaps at him in an uncharacteristic fashion. Alarm bells start ringing in Micah's little head. She tries to cover, but Micah's totally onto her. He's seems to be thinking that even Jessica wasn't this much of a bitch!

We zoom out of the hotel room and down to the building plaza where Thompson and Mohinder are meeting up. Thompson asks if Mohinder is ready to come and work for them and Mo's like, uh, not so much, you creepmonster. Mo clangs his freshly minted brass balls together and states that he wants to know everything the OWI does, and he wants them to share everything with him and he's going to use this knowledge to stop Sylar. Thompson's all, and you would be thinking I'm your bitch because... ? Mohinder says that Thompson wants the formula he has that can find Heroes, so therefore, Thompson needs HIM, not the other way around. "Some people died because you led Sylar right to them," smirks Thompson. "And now you blame yourself, so you've become a vigilante. Hm. It's cute." Hee. Thompson agrees to Mohinder's terms and invites him into the building.

Mo and Thompson enter a room filled with computers. Mo asks what this place is, but Thompson just says that there's someone he needs to meet: Molly Walker. Mo says that name was on The List. "That's right," says Thompson. "Your father led Sylar right to her. And then he slaughtered her parents and attacked her." Mo asks how she survived, and Thompson says the OWI managed to get to her in time. He says they find people with abilities and protect them. If by "protect" you mean, "strap to a table to monitor and study like a fucking lab rat." Mo looks at the screen with the blood detail on it and says that Molly's sick and needs to go to a hospital. Thompson says a hospital can't help her, but maybe Mo can. Thompson says Molly's condition is extremely rare, and it's affecting her nervous system, which makes it hard for her to access her ability. There has been only one other recorded case of this condition: Mohinder's sister.

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