The Hard Part

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This Just In: Sylar Has Mommy Issues.

Mohinder points out that his sister died, and Thompson says Mo' father developed a cure, but it was months too late. Unfortunately, Thompson's people can't figure out what the hell Papa Suresh's cure is, so they're screwed. And little Molly's going to die. They peek in at her in her room and she's adorable. Mo's pissed. He's like, dude, what're you trying to do, manipulate me? Sylar's out there and he's going to slaughter millions of innocent people if we don't get the hell on his trail! "You just don't get it," sneers Thompson. "Molly is the only one who can stop Sylar."

Superstudio. Sylar's on the phone, saying that he's thinking about the future and he wants to come and visit someone. We don't know who he's talking to. Hiro and Ando show up at the door and, luckily, Sylar's in the bathroom, getting ready for his visit. Ando points out that it's two days until the election and shows Hiro one of the final panels in the Last Comic that has Hiro stabbing Sylar in the gut. "Are you ready for this?" asks Ando. Hiro says some shit about darkness and light, but Ando totally doesn't look appeased by this. They enter the studio. Sylar's in the bathroom shaving with a straight razor because Bics are for pussies and serial killing superheroes ain't no pussies, damn it! Hiro and Ando come upon poor Mystery Sock's dead body. Sylar combs his hair into a replica of his nerd 'do from earlier in the season. He's also wearing plaid. It's not a good look for him.

Hiro tells Ando that this is exactly what he saw when he first jumped to the future. He says that first he saw Mystery Sock and then the bomb went off. A toilet flushes in the distance and Hiro and Ando scramble behind a painting to hide. Sylar comes out of the bathroom sporting some seriously geeky clothes and glasses. Hiro peeks at Sylar and shows Ando the comic, pointing out that Sylar is, you know, Sylar. Ando swallows loudly and, of course, Sylar hears this. He whips around and walks toward the painting, following the sound of their heartbeats. "I can hear you," he rasps. "Whoever you are... come on out." He TKs the painting out of the way, but Hiro and Ando have wisely teleported to the convenience store downstairs. Sylar trundles past with a box in his hand just as Hiro and Ando are exiting the store. Ando wants to follow him so they can get the stabbing over with, but Hiro's getting cold feet about the whole killing thing.

Linderman's Hall of Heroes. D.L. and Jessica phase through a wall and start looking around. D.L. spots a painting across the way that depicts Micah, standing in the window of the building he's currently staying in, surrounded by flames. Jessica guesses that painting is set in New York, although there's really no clue in the painting that might indicate this. Something catches her eye, and they both go over to look at a wall that's covered in detailed facts about both D.L. and Niki. Immunization records, childhood photos, current family photos -- you name it, Linderman's got it. "He's tracked our entire life," says Jessica. D.L. thinks that this means Linderman orchestrated the creation of Micah. He tracked D.L. and Niki and put them together in order to get the kid. "All this time, Linderman's just been playing with our lives!" says D.L. He starts going through random papers, thinking that something within them will clue them in as to Micah's whereabouts. He finds a calendar with notes on it about a trip to New York, Nathan Petrelli, and Election Day. That's a pretty detailed calendar there! Jessica thinks that if they find Linderman, they'll find Micah. "Let's get Micah the hell outta there!" says D.L.

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