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This Just In: Sylar Has Mommy Issues.

OWI. Mohinder enters Molly's room and tells her he needs to take some blood. She gamely rolls up her sleeve. As he's drawing her blood, he tells her that he wants to stop the man who hurt her and her family. She says that you can't stop the bogeyman. "He sees into your soul and then he eats your brain." Mohinder says she can stop the bogeyman with her amazing ability. She says it's not so amazing. They ask her to find people, and she does. That's all. Because, see, she's the Walker System Bennet was talking about. It's not a machine, y'all. It's a little girl. "I just think about them," she says, "and I know where they are." She says her ability isn't working right now, but Mohinder says he's going to get her better so that she can find the bogeyman for him. "You're different from the other doctors," she says. "They're much better at this." He smiles brilliantly at her and says, "Thanks!" Sendhil Ramamurthy's smile is so damn pretty it's making me weep kittens.

Petrelli Palace. Claire is telling Nathan about RadioacTed blowing up her house. Peter says this might mean he's not the bomb. Maybe Ted is. "You said you had a dream that you blew up New York City," says Nathan. "Yeah," says Peter. "But I also dreamed that I could fly and we know how that turned out for you." "You can fly?" says Claire. Nathan just raises his eyebrows and shrugs as if to say, "Whatevs." "Cool," says Claire, under her breath. Hee. Awesome. Peter tells his brother to pick up the phone and call the FBI so they can find this Ted dude. Nathan says he'll make a few calls. Peter leaves, but Nathan stops Claire before she can go and says that he admires her bravery. She kind of smiles at him and leaves. Nathan dials the phone. "Mr. Linderman," he says. "We have a problem."

Cut to Sylar, shuffling his way down a crappy hallway. Hiro and Ando peer in from a window. He knocks on a door and Ellen Greene opens it. She immediately hugs him and thanks the Lord for bringing her son home safe. Yeah. I clued into her whack-ass craziness right here. "Hi, Mom," says Sylar. Hiro: "HUH?" Ando: "SATAN HAS A MOTHER?" Audrey II: "FEED ME, SEYMOUR." His mother pulls him inside and he gives her a box that contains yet another snow globe for her collection. She really doesn't need any more, Gabriel. They're covering every square inch of her apartment. She's trying to collect the whole nation, apparently, and now she's just missing Oregon. Just shove a bunch of wet leaves into a bowl, fill it with rainwater and seal it up, lady. That's your Oregon right there.

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