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This Just In: Sylar Has Mommy Issues.

Sylar's mom strokes her globes like they're crystal balls. Clearly, she's insane. Sylar points out that the clock on the wall is broken and she says she should have thrown it away years ago. Sylar points out that the clock was his father's, but she just says that it's junk. He gets really offended by this and says that it's a beautiful piece that just needs some attention. He starts to work on it as his mother picks up a snow globe... with a picture of him as a child inside. Okay, 1) pictures of people in snow globes is fucking creepy and 2) that's totally a childhood picture of Zachary Quinto and it's HILARIOUS.

Sylar sets up a makeshift workshop on the table. His mother comes over and starts stroking his shellacked hair as she tells him how proud she is of him for traveling the world. He says he's sick of traveling and wants to stay there for awhile. She's all, "Queens? What the hell would you want to come back to Queens for?" Well, really. Sylar seems to think that if he stays in Queens, he won't kill all those people. He doesn't say this, of course, because that might make his mother go full-boar mental on him. She nervously gets up to make him a sandwich, but he doesn't want one. She thinks that, if he's going to stay in Queens, he should call some guy about a job. Sylar says he has a job, thanks. He fixes watches. She scoffs that that's a hobby. They engage in a passive-aggressive battle of the wills in which it becomes clear that his mother disapproves of his love for clocks and watches and Sylar has only ever wanted his mother's approval and love.

"You're not listening to me!" he yells. She looks shocked. "I am listening!" "No. You're making a tuna fish sandwich. I told you I didn't want one." She gets an injured look on her face and starts gathering up the fixings and angrily shoves them back in the fridge. "I made a mistake!" she says with tears sounding in her voice. "I'm sorry!" Sylar feels bad and goes to her, but when he goes to touch her, she recoils and freaks out as if his hands were branding irons. "Maybe I don't have to be special," he says. "Maybe it's okay to just be a normal watchmaker. Can't you just tell me that's enough?" She smiles and holds his face in her hands and says, "Why would I tell you that when I know you could be so much more? If you wanted, you could be President." He's already done that, thanks. Not so good at it, as it turns out. A little too much attention paid to genocide, I think. Sylar gets this look on his face that's like, "Oh, great. My mother's going to make me blow up the city because she doesn't like me being a watch repairman. Bitch."

Petrelli Election Headquarters. Peter and Claire enter as Peter explains that Nathan needs to convince the FBI to evacuate the city. Before they can enter his office, though, Claire sees Nathan talking to Thompson and pulls Peter aside. She explains who Thompson is and how he's the one she's been running from. Inside the office, Nathan tells Thompson that Linderman doesn't have a grasp on the situation and that all the pundits think he's going to lose. He brings up Ted, and Thompson says they know all about the nuclear guy. Outside, Claire continues to freak about Thompson talking to Nathan while Peter tries to calm her down by saying that they don't know what the situation is and that it's Nathan, so they should just trust him. Claire's like, "Uh, look, mama's boy, that guy in there is evil and after me AND HE'S TALKING TO YOUR BROTHER. Maybe you need to grow a pair and start admitting that you have no goddamn clue as to what's going to happen!"

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