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This Just In: Sylar Has Mommy Issues.

Inside, Thompson suggests that Nathan's nervous. "Nervous?" he kind of squeaks. "You wanna blow up half of New York!" "Yes, we do," says Thompson in a conversational tone that makes it sound like someone's asked him if he has any bowler hats in stock. Claire accuses Peter of being scared and he totally agrees that he is. "I have to find a nuclear man and I don't know if I can contain all that power," he says. Well, when you put it that way, it really IS pretty scary. Claire wants them to run the other way, but Peter says if they save themselves, who's going to save everyone else? Good point. He says to her that she's not alone and then tells her to come with him. I'm not sure where he's going, but Claire says to herself that this is some crazy shit, so she's going to get the hell outta there.

Micah's Personal Prison. Candice comes out and says she's going to take a shower and he apologizes for mouthing off to her earlier. The second she's in the shower, Micah runs to the door, uses his power on the security pad, and runs out. He speeds down the hallway and Noah Gray-Cabey has the most adorable run I've ever seen. His shoulders are kind of hunched over and he's shuffling. So cute. He runs to another door and opens it, only to find himself back in the hotel room. So he runs back out into the hallway and tries another door. But he's back in the room again. Candice comes out of the bathroom, toweling her hair. This time, she's not morphed into Niki, though. Micah asks who she is, and she says that she can make him see anything he wants. "Makes it kinda hard to get away, huh?" she says with a smile. She tells him that if he doesn't listen to what Mr. Linderman says, she'll show him things that will mess him up for life. She says he needs to behave, and a giant cartoon shark on the TV screen behind him looks like it's going to chomp off his head. Ouch.

Cut to Hiro and Ando, trolling around outside Sylar's mom's place. Inside, she's washing dishes as Sylar says, "What if I told you I can be special? Important. But to do it, I'd have to hurt a lot of people. Should I?" She says that he could never hurt anyone, and he just says that there are a lot of things he can do that she doesn't know about. And that's when he makes the gargantuan error of sharing some of his abilities with his mother. He starts by making it snow in her living room so that she's in her own snow globe. At first, she's totally into it, but when she realizes that her son is making this happen without the help of a special effects department, she starts to freak. At the same time, Sylar starts getting his Sylar-ized expression on his face and he keeps getting darker and darker. All of a sudden, the room starts to shake and globes start spinning around and one of them smashes into his mother's face, cutting her.

OWI. Mohinder's hit a wall with Molly's cure. He can't figure it out. He gets angry and knocks his father's papers off a table. Molly comes running in, and Mo apologizes for frightening her. She brightly says that he can't help her either and that it's okay. She helps him pick up the fallen papers as he tells her that there's an antibody for her, but they don't know where or what it is. "Like the bogeyman," she observes. "Exactly," says Mo. Molly finds a picture of Mo's parents and sister amid the papers, and Mo tells her that this is the first time he's ever actually seen his sister since she died before he was born. Molly asks if she's going to die. Mo tells her that his father did everything he could to save his sister, he was just a month too late. "I won't be," he says. "I promise." She hands him a piece of paper with a star on it and says it'll protect him from the bogeyman. She hugs him and runs out of the room. Mo looks at the star and the picture of his sister and then looks at the screen with the blood analysis on it.

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