The Hard Part

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This Just In: Sylar Has Mommy Issues.

Cut to Sylar, apologizing to his mother through a door. She's inside, kneeling by the bed, crying and possibly praying. Outside in the alley, Hiro observes that Sylar is sad. Ando thinks Hiro should get in there and kill him now while he's distracted. Again, Hiro exhibits cold feet, saying he can't kill a man who's asking for forgiveness because it's against his code or whatever. Ando's like, "Look. Kill the freak, okay? He's a psycho." Hiro claims that Ando doesn't understand. Ando understands perfectly: Hiro's a chickenshit. He's all, "Future Hiro wouldn't chicken out! He'd cut a bitch!" Hiro's all, "I no likey Future Hiro!" Back inside, Sylar's practically licking the door. He tells his mother about his vision of the future wherein he kills a bunch of people. He slumps down in front of the door.

Hiro says that Future Hiro killed so much that he forgot it's supposed to be hard. Ando tells his friend that he dies at the hands of Sylar on the same day as the bomb. Sylar starts banging his head on the door until his mother comes out. She says she's leaving and when she gets back, she expects him to be gone. She says he's not her son, he's damned, and she wants him out of her house. He goes to take her hand, and she shrieks at him and pulls away and asks what he did with her son and, where is he, and give her back her boy. Sylar actually starts to get tears in his eyes as he insists that he's her son. He keeps coming toward her until she's backed into a corner. She grabs some scissors and points them at him. He goes to take them away from her and they struggle. Then, just as quickly as it starts, it's over. And his mother pulls back to reveal that he's inadvertently stabbed her in the heart. This is an awesome scene between Quinto and Greene, by the way. It's so sad.

So, after Sylar accidentally stabs his mother, she starts to fall forward, but suddenly she freezes in mid-fall. Totally cool effect here, actually. She's basically at a forty-five degree angle. Hiro enters and draws his sword. He walks over to Sylar and puts the blade to his neck. He apologizes and pulls back the sword to take off Sylar's head but the second he does, he loses his grasp on the time freeze and Sylar's mom falls forward at the same moment that Sylar sees Hiro swinging for him. He grabs the blade with his hand and asks why Hiro's following him. Hiro says he has to stop him and, instead of kicking his ass, Sylar just pulls the blade to his stomach and orders Hiro to kill him. Suddenly, the blade starts freezing. "You can't," says Sylar. "You coward. Now I'm gonna have to kill you." Just then, Ando busts in to save the day. Hiro grabs him and they teleport out of there. Sylar looks down at his mother as the plinky piano keys of impending psychosis take us out to the break.

OWI. Mohinder's hanging a bag of blood on Molly's IV stand. "You did it," she says. "You found a cure." Mohinder tells her that the cure was in him, explaining that if parents have a sick child followed by healthy child, that second child often contains the healthy antibodies needed for a cure. "Unfortunately," he says. "I was born a little too late to help my sister. But I'm not too late to help you." Aw. Cut to Hiro and Ando, landing in the Superstudio. Ando asks if he managed to kill Sylar, but Hiro says he failed. Ando says they still have two days to kill Sylar and stop the bomb. "How?" says Hiro. "The sword is broken!" Sure enough, it is. But it still has a pointy end, doesn't Hiro? Just stick that part in Sylar and you're right as rain.

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