The Hard Part

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This Just In: Sylar Has Mommy Issues.

Petrelli Palace. Peter furiously searches through some drawers until he comes across a gun loosely wrapped in a handkerchief. That's... a lovely thing to keep around in an unlocked drawer with kids in the house, don't you think? Peter picks it up and heads to the hallway. Claire's coming down the stairs with her suitcase. "You weren't even going to say goodbye?" he says. "Goodbye," says Claire with a sigh. Peter says he's figured out a way to save the world. He holds out the gun. Claire's all, "A gun? That's it? That's your plan? Good plan, UNCLE." Peter says he can handle Ted, but if he loses it, Claire's the only one who can get close enough to stop him. "Right through the back of the head," he says handing the gun to her. "You know the spot. Same place you pulled the piece of glass from." "My destiny is not to shoot you!" she says, ignoring the gun and moving past him. "The universe cannot be that lame." Heh.

Peter says she can't run away from who she is and that this bomb is happening, so she'd better deal with it. She asks how he can be so sure and he just grabs his little sketchbook and shows her his drawings of the future. She pages through the pictures, all of which are basically of shit on fire. She comes upon a page with Ted's face on it, and she tells Peter that he drew Sprague. Peter says that that's Kirby Plaza in midtown, and this must mean that Ted is in New York. He says that she's part of this and she has to shoot him if necessary. She looks at the gun like it's covered in bees.

Nathan's in his office, contemplating his future presidency and dead brother issues. The door opens and it's Mama Petrelli. They hug and then she informs him that Linderman called her and told her that Nathan's getting cold feet. Nathan asks her if she knows about Linderman's plans and she rather calmly says that she does. And they're not just Linderman's plans; a lot of people put time and care into this deal. Including herself. Nathan's like, "Wait a minute -- you mean you're okay with sacrificing your own son just so I can be the damn president? Wow, lady. That's cold." She tells him that important men make impossible decisions. She brings up how Truman dropped two bombs on Japan and killed thousands of people just to save millions. "That was different, Ma," says Nathan. "We were at war. I can't accept this." "That is your one weakness, Nathan," she says. "You have no faith. So how could you possibly believe this bomb could actually heal the world if you have no faith in the idea of destiny?"

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