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This Just In: Sylar Has Mommy Issues.

They're slapping it on a little heavy with all the destiny shit, don't you think?

Ma Petrelli goes on to tell him that his destiny is to lead the world after this unspeakable event takes place. People will look back at the strength and convictions of the freshman congressman and they'll reward him with the office of President. Reenacting a scene from The Manchurian Candidate, Ma Petrelli puts Nathan's jacket on and tells him he needs to be presidential. "Can you believe?" she asks him. "Can you be the one we need?" He kind of sighs heavily and then gives her a subtle nod. "That's my boy." Damn. I wouldn't want to meet that woman in a dark alley. She'd perform the quart of blood maneuver on me and a quart of blood would just drop right out of my body. And then she'd probably drink it. Or bathe in it.

Cut to Sylar, kneeling on the floor next to his mother's dead body. He looks like he's cleaning up her blood, but when the camera pulls up, we see that he's actually painting another floorpocalypse IN HIS MOTHERS BLOOD. Oh, ew. "You were right, Mom. I am meant to be special, just like you wanted. I can be anything. I can even be President."

Kirby Plaza. Claire's sitting outside on the edge of a sculpture, looking at the people around her. Peter walks up and says there's no sign of Ted. He sees that she's crying and asks her what's wrong. "I'm not normal," she says. "I tried to pretend that I was, and I just hurt everyone. My mom, my dad. I ruined everything because of what I am. I hated it. But you--when I met you, I finally felt like I was part of something." "That's funny," says Peter. "I felt the same thing when I met you." He touches her cheek and wipes away her tear and yes, it's a little bit ooky because they're both hot and I know they're not related in real life, but they are on the show so I just have to suck it up and pretend that they're uncle and niece and not start picturing them like making out and shit. Because that would be wrong.

Claire looks off in the distance and sees Parkman and Ted walking along and then her father appears between them. Claire races to him and throws herself into his arms. "I love you, Claire Bear," he says. Aw. And sniff. Parkman and Ted walk over to Peter. Suddenly, Peter's hands start to glow red. He hollers out for Claire. She looks over at him. "What's he doing?" asks Ted, immediately distrustful. "He's absorbing your ability," says Bennet, moving toward Peter. Peter starts breathing heavily and panicking and Parkman points out that he needs to stop that shit and Peter's like, "No, YA THINK?" and then it's all over and we go to the "To be continued" and we have to wait until next week to find out whether or not Peter go boom.

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