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Bennet sits at the kitchen table -- "Bennet House, Costa Verde, California," the subtitle helpfully informs us -- examining the JPG of his death foretold. In addition to his own bloody, mangled mug in the foreground and a cheerleader-skirted Claire getting kissed by a dark stranger in the background, the composition includes a lot of sky with a couple of unidentifiable objects zipping around either directly above Bennet's head or in the distant background, depending on their size. I hope they're not blowflies already. The missus and Mr. Muggles come in, prompting Bennet to close his laptop with his most innocent just lookin' at some porn, dear manner. Bennet ignores the wife's babbling about power-walking, because he's got a job this episode. And that job is to clumsily attempt to derail the prophecy of his own death, as fathers have been attempting to do ever since Oedipus's. It never works, but they're compelled to do it, if for no other reason than to make the inevitable end that much more poignant and ironic. Especially since they tend to do it stupid. To wit: Bennet asks his wife whether she knows if Claire's dating anyone. While they're discussing that, Claire herself comes downstairs, quickly realizing that something's in the air. She cringes when her dad brings up the subject of "boys," but it's not the sex talk -- it's her dad's warning that her getting involved with the wrong person could end up threatening the family. Claire all but accuses him of being paranoid, and Bennet quite reasonably says he would just want to meet any potential suitors, so he can help her decide whether they're trustworthy. When he puts it that way, Claire looks like she's considering it, then seems to remember that her dad already has met West, and a reunion probably wouldn't be a joyous one. So she says there are no boys in her life. Her parents seem to accept this. Bennet: 0; Prophecy: 1.

Manhattan skyline at night. Images of a table covered with sketches. One of those sketches shows an eye, and inside that eye is a golden "S" symbol. And Molly sits up in bed screaming. Matt bursts in instantly, followed by Mohinder. I happen to notice that neither of them is hastily buttoning his shirt or fixing his hair. So careful, they're being. Molly asks for water, but before Matt gets it, he has to have a quick, whispered conference in the doorway with Mo, while the little girl lies in bed recovering from her night-panic by herself. Matt says she's getting worse, and is up to two of these incidents per night now. Which has to be murder on her dads' sex life. Matt says that every time he tries to telepathically get into Molly's head during her terrors, he just gets pushed back. They snipe at each other like the sexually frustrated married couple they are, but neither of them has any idea what to do. Mo returns to Molly's bed and admits to her that he doesn't know when it's going to stop. But the lullaby he sings her in his native language would make any girl feel better. I think it's even working on me. If he would do that all the time instead of the voice-over (which is mercifully absent this week), I might watch this show more often.

Subtitle: "Nathan Petrelli, Washington D.C." Nathan stands outside the wrought-iron gate of a private school and calls out to his sons, who happily run over to talk to him through the bars, probably because they recognized the familiar voice coming out from behind the giant black shrubbery covering Nathan's face. They don't dig it, and he offers to shave it. They think that's a good idea. He's there to tell them that their grandmother's in the hospital, and they should have their mom help them call when they get home. Is he going to provide them with the name of the hospital, or is he just wanting to give Heidi a little project? Nathan promises them that he's coming home soon. A teacher comes up, saying that Nathan's not allowed to be there. Nathan puts on a brave face as he sends his kids back to the schoolyard to play. Or, more accurately, a brave half-face, as the half covered with Amazon rain forest pretty much takes care of itself.

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