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Subtitle: "Maya, Alejandro & Derek, somewhere in Mexico." Maya sits in the shotgun seat of Derek's Nissan, while Alejandro rides in the back. There's some pointless (and sweaty) jibber-jabber about Derek being from New Jersey despite having California plates. Maya's glad to hear that their driver's going so close to New York, but Derek says they'll have to split up before the border, since they're all wanted. Maya is just translating this for Alejandro when Derek suddenly slams on the brakes, because someone's lying face-down on the dirt road in front of the car. They all climb out of the car and gather around the body, carefully rolling him over to reveal a familiar face. "Help me," Sylar gasps at them.

And here's the eclipse, to explain why Sylar doesn't look remotely sunburned after an unknown amount of time wandering in the desert.

This week's episode title is superimposed over a glass slat on a lovely louvered window. From there, the camera pans down to Micah's sleeping face, which is about to be rudely awakened. As in, with a glass of water and his cousin Damon yelling, "Wake up, fool!" Sometimes "rude awakening" is not just an expression.

Time for breakfast and exposition at Nana's table. Damon says he needs $65. "That's funny, so do I," Nana smirks. Micah's other cousin, Monica, comes in all excited about going to work today. And why's she in such a great mood, despite the dorky Burger Bonanza uniform she's rocking? The fact that she aced the test for the regional manager training program. Wouldn't she have to start by being an assistant regional manager, or even an assistant to the regional manager? Damon decides this means he can hit her up for the $65 instead. Except not. Monica tells Nana that Damon only wants it for a wrestling pay-per-view. Wow, pay-per-view got expensive in the decades since I last paid attention. What's Damon's plan, to roll up three twenties and a five and then stick them into the coaxial cable? Monica guilts Damon about all the people living in FEMA trailers, and Nana says that Damon is better off watching an "educational" cooking show, like the one she's got on. Monica glances over at the screen as the TV chef carves a rose out of a tomato (shout-out?) and scoffs, "Who's got time to do that?" "Unfortunately, I do," says Nana. Monica cringes at her little faux pas and takes off for work. Damon hostilely wonders why Micah's smiling at him, and Micah says he might know a way to get the pay-per-view for Damon. Only without the pay. Damon's listening.

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