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Swoosh from New Orleans to New York, where Mama Petrelli sits in her hospital bed and confesses to the murder of Kaito Nakamura. Matt remarks that Mama Petrelli's wounds were shown to be self-inflicted. Mama Petrelli calmly claims that her mental state at the time prompted her to attack herself. Matt's clearly got his doubts. And then those doubts are confirmed when he hears Mama Petrelli's voice inside his head: Write down the statement and let it go, Parkman. Matt's doubtful, but Mama Petrelli's ambiguous (and verbalized) declaration that "the only way out of this is for me to confess" is enough for Matt's partner Fuller, who heads out to start the paperwork. To Matt, Angela telepaths, If they keep digging, they will find out about all of us and what we can do? Let it go. Matt blinks like he's trying to let go of a stray eyelash.

Claire's new high school, where one of the cheerleaders is trying to draft her for the squad. Only if they change the school colors to red and white. Claire in that Dillon Panthers blue would just look weird. Claire puts her off for now, but accepts the parental release form in case she changes her mind, even though she currently has no plans to do any such thing. Don't worry, that release form will go off in the final act.

Next in Claire's face is West, who's all thrilled about how well they connected the day before. You know, not like anyone cares what I think, but I say it would have been a lot more awesome if we hadn't known West could fly until he swooped her into the air. That would have been a great reveal. Even better than the Hero reveal we get this week, for sure. Claire's like, "Yeah, about that. We're done." West thinks something else is going on, despite Claire's assurances that she likes him. "You think I was abducted by aliens, right?" West says, pointing to the mark on his neck. "I told you, it was a guy with horn-rimmed glasses." "It's my dad," Claire blurts, and then covers that by saying he's just really overprotective. West offers to talk to her dad. Already did! Not that Claire can say that. West makes her a deal -- he'll back off tomorrow, but tonight, he'll take her wherever she wants to go. Claire agrees, and West dashes off, looking like he could fly now if he couldn't before.

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