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Long story short, the manager tells Monica that she's "not qualified" for the management program. And it's not the test results -- it's because candidates have to be ready to work at any Burger Bonanza in the state, which he thinks doesn't work for Monica's family situation. Wait, is that even legal? Monica tries to explain that getting out of town is the whole point, and she can't make hamburgers for the rest of her life. The manager says she's good at her job, and should be happy to have one. So not helpful.

Dinner at the Bennets'. Mom is suggesting dessert at "that adorable yogurt place near the bus depot." Claire claims she has to go to the library for a research paper. "Haven't you ever heard of the internet?" Lyle snarks at her. Internet? What's that? Bennet listens with great interest as Claire spins a cover story about the paper being about libraries. Bennet offers her a ride, since she forgot that her car got stolen for reasons that have not yet been revealed. Claire quickly recovers from this unexpected wrinkle, and says she'll hoof it. Try not to get hit by a car! Because that would totally blow your cover.

So Claire walks to the corner, unaware that her dad is trailing her. As she disappears behind a bush, she pulls out her ponytail and shakes free her hair, which doesn't look at all like she's been wearing it that way all day. West says hi. Smiling, she says hi back. And when Bennet comes around the corner, they're both gone. He looks around, just as they pop up into the cloudless sky behind him and scoot off, unseen by him. I wonder if West ever nags his parents for a car, just to keep up appearances.

Nathan has invited Matt over to his temporary bachelor pad to look through some old photos, which he apparently took with him when he left home. As you do. Fortunately, he knows exactly the one they're looking for, a group shot of ten or twelve people that includes his parents, Kaito Nakamura (in regard to whom Nathan alludes to some history with his mom), Linderman, and Charles Deveaux. "A lot of them are dead now," Nathan suddenly realizes. Matt spots a picture of Nathan with his boys, and pries a little bit, which makes Nathan kind of uncomfortable. So Matt overshares about the breakup of his own marriage and his wife's pregnancy to try and even things out. "If you want to unload, go ahead," Nathan says, leaving unspoken the caveat that he won't be paying any attention. Matt tells an abbreviated version of his story -- LAPD, pregnancy, telepathy. Story time's over, though, because Nathan's found an intact copy of the group photo from which Angela's and Kaito's pictures were ripped. Nathan observes that half the people in the picture are dead (now, that is; they're not dead in the picture, because that would be macabre) and Matt speculates that the killer is one of the people in the picture. Nathan points out his parents, Deveaux, Linderman, Kaito, and Tobby (whom Nathan knows only as "Bob"). Those are the only ones Nathan knows. But Matt only has eyes for the smiling, beefy, gray-haired man on the right edge of the photo: "That's my father," he says. Dude. How many connections can you cram into one show, anyway?

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