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Monica stares pensively into space, or maybe into the Katrina b-roll that seems to be playing behind her eyes. Camille comes to share a little break time at one of Burger Bonanza's tables, and to let Monica vent and express her conviction that she knows she's supposed to "be somebody." Camille tells her to take her time recovering from her losses in the storm, and Monica wonders if God's punishing her for wanting to get out of the city. Camille says that's pretty normal. Alas, "normal" is pretty much the last word Monica wants to hear about herself right now. Oh, don't worry, Monica -- this show will fix that good.

West and Claire are sitting outside somewhere as he gently mocks her for her choice of destination. "What can I say? I'm a cheap date," she says. And the camera pulls back to reveal that they are in fact perched on the middle O in the giant HOLLYWOOD sign. Nice. Someday this show is going to be able to resist an iconic image, and then we'll know it's over. Claire reminisces about the tower in Odessa she used to test her powers. She says her whole life there went away, and now she doesn't think she could ever open up to anyone again. West would like her to try, preferably with him. "I want to trust you," she says. So he tells her to jump. Ah. How will that help, exactly? "Trust begins with a leap," he says. "Cheesy but true." He's half right. Claire isn't up for it, at least not on a date: "No, it'll be gross. My arms pop out of their sockets and sometimes my feet come out facing each other, it's -- it's not cute." Yet somehow West talks her into it. She clambers to her feet, takes a deep breath, and pulls a Peg Entwistle. But before she belly-flops onto the hillside far below, West swoops in and catches her. Claire doesn't get it. "I know you can heal, Claire," he tells her, "but I never want to see you hurt." Dude, West has game. And then they make out in midair, hovering just in front of a spot between the two Os in WOOD. Don't tell me that shot wasn't framed that way on purpose. And the fact that they are literally between two big Os makes me wonder what else happened on that beach last week.

Damon skeptically watches Micah lay hands upon the TV. After a few moments, the screen lights up with illicit pay-per-view. Sure, it's only pro wrestling now, but if Damon is anything like my friends and I would have been under these circumstances, this variety of grappling is only beginning. But for now, Damon just congratulates Micah and settles in to watch. Just then, Monica comes home with a bag from Burger Bonanza. Spotting the screen (and seeing that Nana's asleep in her chair), she asks what's going on, and Damon's happy to call Micah "some kind of genius" and give him credit for fixing up the cable. Monica sits down at the kitchen table, looking defeated and miserable after the day she's had. Micah goes over to her and apologizes. Monica says she sympathizes with Micah's situation, but he has to follow the rules. Micah agrees. Monica brightens up and she gets up to get plates so the boys can eat their employee discount dinner in front of the TV. Micah goes to hug her. And it's a really long hug, as he holds his hand flat on her back like he's trying to fix her too. After a while, she asks if he's okay, and he says, "I just wish I could fix your dreams for you." Well, on the bright side, we know she's not a Cylon. Micah joins Damon on the couch, just as a wrestler on the TV throws a move that Damon identifies as a 619. I have no choice but to take Damon's word for it. It involves the wrestler running up to the ropes, swinging the lower half of his body horizontally outside of the ring, and then swinging back in so that his feet catch his opponent in the face. It's pretty slick. Even Monica notices, as we see the instant replay reflected in her frozen eyes. I knew something was going on here, but I hadn't yet figured out what. Don't worry, that comes later.

Matt paces the floor of Chez M3 with the ElderHeroes photo, waiting for his little family to come home. When they do, Matt gets right to the point, saying he wants Molly to find his father for him. In the sense that bloodhounds get a garment of their quarry to sniff, Matt provides Molly with a swatch of Papa Parkman backstory. "He left me when I was thirteen. Gave me $120 and a pat on the head." I would have bargained for $150 and no pat. Matt hasn't seen his dad since, and not for lack of trying. He says that Parkman, Sr. is a criminal who doesn't seem to want to be found. "My dad stole a lot of money from a lot of people," he tells Molly. "And the case that I'm working on right now, I have a feeling that he's in the middle of something really dangerous. And I need to talk to him, so I need you to help me find him." Molly agrees. Matt puts the photo down on the desk and points out his father. And Molly freaks. For some reason, her dads can't figure out why, even though we already have (and lots of you probably suspected it the minute Matt saw the photo), so she has to spell it out for them: "He is the man in my dreams," she whispers fearfully. "He is the Nightmare Man." Do pretend to be surprised, won't you? For Molly's sake?

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