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As long as he's gotten all his old photos out, Nathan has apparently decided to spend some time wallowing in the past. He finds a shot from Milo Ventimiglia's freshman prom (nice white tux jacket and mini-mullet, by the way), and places it in the frame of the wall mirror. "I'll make things right, Pete," he whispers to the photo. How, with Photoshop? Nathan looks up from the picture. His face in the mirror is unrecognizable, burned and scarred and gnarled and desperately in need of a Phantom of the Opera mask. Dude, what happened to the Petrelli brothers up in the ionosphere, anyway? At least now we know why Nathan grew the beard. "Get away from me!" Nathan snarls at the reflection, punching the mirror and bloodying his hand. But at least his reflection in the spiderwebbed remnant is back to normal, which should make up for the seven years of bad luck.

West chivalrously deposits Claire back on the sidewalk from which he picked her up (literally) earlier. And you know, being able to fly is one thing, but if he didn't also have the upper body strength to hold onto a human being at the same time (even one as wee as Claire), he wouldn't be getting anywhere with her right now. She looks at her watch, and they both realize that the library excuse isn't going to hold up, because it's crazy-late. West says they're going to have to come up with a consistent cover story if they're going to keep this up, which of course they totally are. Claire sarcastically suggests that she could claim to be volunteering at a soup kitchen, and West expertly says, "The credible lies are the ones that make you look bad." He asks if there's something her dad doesn't want her to do. Besides West, you mean? Claire's got it. She starts to follow the light bulb over her head right back to her house, but West asks her to say good night. "You're killing me," she says, returning for a kiss.

Although it's late in California, it's still daytime in Mexico. I hope the show isn't trying to tell us the country is really that far behind. The twins and their party have stopped off at a roadside market to pee, pick up some necessities, and take in the local color (like goats grazing from the pavement). Derek picks up the heavy half-brick holding down the proprietor's stack of Spanish-language newspapers, and seems pretty alarmed by what's on the front page: the word "HOMICIDIO" in 1000-point font and line drawings of his two original passengers. Derek calls "Gabriel" over to look at the paper, and quietly freaks over the fact that he's had two killers riding with him for two days. The watch inside Sylar's head starts ticking and he says, "Golly, they seem so..." Heh. Derek says they have to ditch them. Sylar listens to the ticking some more, and seems to agree to Derek's plan. He tells Derek to go inside and call the police while he, Sylar, distracts the twins. Sylar watches the back of Derek's retreating head, and replaces the newspaper on the stack. But that brick fragment? Not so much.

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