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Meanwhile, in the car, Maya and Alejandro wonder what's taking the gringos so long. And then Sylar pops into the driver's seat to urgently confront them with their newspaper cover. Alejandro tells Maya to lie, but she spills the truth, saying they didn't mean to hurt anyone. Sylar advises her to tell it to the police, whom he says Derek is calling right now. Maya starts freaking out, as she does, and Sylar gasps like he's been tear-gassed. Both his and Maya's eyes are going black. Alejandro does his thing, calming Maya down and absorbing the ebon optics until Maya cries a clear tear. Sylar realizes, "You both have power." He realizes that's why they want to find Dr. Suresh. He says he understands their predicament: "Being held responsible for things that you didn't mean to do. Being hunted." He promises that Dr. Suresh will know what to do. Maya asks about the police. "They have to catch us first," Sylar smirks, holding up Derek's keys and driving them out of there to the sound of a ticking watch. And what a shame it is that he lost his ability to brain-eat other people's powers before he met these two.

Derek, meanwhile, is in the market, at the phone. Except he's lying on the tile floor with the handset swinging free next to his head, which is in turn lying in a puddle of blood next to that brick fragment. And our old friend the cockroach is perched on the brick, getting ready to tuck into a tasty meal. You guys? I don't think Derek called the police. And the lady's newspapers are going to blow away.

Claire comes inside the house to find her father at the kitchen table, quietly enjoying a little bus-depot yogurt. "How was the LIE-brary?" he asks. I took some typographical liberties with that line. Claire starts to explain, but Bennet jealously says, "You were with a boy." Claire denies it, and she whips out that cheerleading release form from earlier, on which she forged her dad's signature. She says she made the team and the girls took her out to celebrate. She better hope she gets on the squad now. Bennet's pissed, saying cheerleading is something he specifically forbade. Claire says that cheerleading makes her happy, and she's given up everything else. "I just need one thing that's normal," she begs. Bennet's touched, and says he didn't realize it meant that much to her. "Took me by surprise, too," Claire says truthfully. Bennet gives in, on one condition: ABSOLUTELY NO DATING!!! Claire agrees, lyingly. She kisses him goodnight and heads off to bed, rolling her eyes at the fucked-upedness of all this. And it really is, so much more than even she suspects. She thinks he's only being paranoid and trying to stop his Claire-Bear from turning into Claire-Bare. And Bennet can't just tell her, "I'll die if you get kissed in a cheerleader outfit," because then he'll have to explain about the painting he's not supposed to have seen, because he's supposed to have given all that up. And aside from that, Claire would totally tell him about West, if not for her father's having fucked with the kid in his former life. Bennet's own lies so greatly outnumber those of his daughter, so now he's squirming helplessly under the point of destiny's sword. And you know what? I'll bet the guy kissing Claire in the painting isn't even West.

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