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Bennet's reverie is interrupted by the windchimes outside, heralding the arrival of the Haitian Sensation on the patio. Bennet goes out to meet him. The Haitian announces that he has a lead on the paintings, but they have to go to Odessa. Bennet seems prepared to return to Texas, but the Haitian means the one in Ukraine. I assume this means they'll be meeting Walter "Chekhov" Koenig, on and on until the show has burned through the original Enterprise's entire bridge crew. The Haitian asks Bennet what he'll tell his family. "I'm sure I'll think of something," Bennet says.

At Chez 3M, Mohinder has just finished tucking Molly in. Outside her room, Matt tells Mohinder he's sorry. "You didn't know," Mohinder says. But that's not what Matt meant -- he means he's sorry, but Molly has to find his father. Mohinder shoots that right down and starts to walk away. Matt waves the photo in his face, pointing out all the dead people in it. He says he has to find out if his dad is also dead, or the next victim, or the killer. I have a theory. Mohinder points out Tobby, saying he only knows him as Bob, and offers to take Matt to him. Matt agrees -- after they find his dad. Mo objects to making Molly face her worst nightmare. Matt argues that maybe that's what Molly actually needs. Mo thinks that's just a lame cover for Matt's daddy issues coming to the fore. But before they can get too far into what I'm sure is an old "who's your daddy" debate between these two, which they would quickly resolve so they could get to the makeup sex, Molly comes out of her room and offers to find Matt's dad for him. Matt goes to her and hugs her gratefully.

At Burger Bonanza, there's nobody there but Monica and her manager. He decides to close up early for the night, and has her lock the front door while he gets the back. Monica takes the keys and is about to comply, but before she can lock the door, a shady-looking guy outside sticks his head in and says he's hungry. Rather than letting him in, Monica listens to the alarm bells in her head and says the boss is making her close early. So the guy forces his way in, yelling that he's hungry, and also, he'd like whatever's in the cash register. Which seems kind of bold of him, but then he's got a handgun that he's waving around that effectively backs up his position. He makes her sit down at one of the tables as he proceeds to the register. Monica sits there, wide-eyed, staring out the front window into the night, as the sound of a helicopter is heard on the soundtrack. And then she gets up, runs toward the support pole next to where the robber is looting the register, and grabs onto it to swing her body around in a flawless 619 wrestling move that sends the robber crashing through a glass divider. I'm going to have to make my own instant replay on that. Here it comes...yeah! The robber gets up and flees, just as the manager returns. "Did you just see...?" Monica asks her boss, who nods uselessly behind her. "Where'd you learn that?" he asks her. "On TV," Monica says wonderingly. You know, I'm sure there are a lot of caveats and conditions and limitations, but for now? Best. Superpower. Ever!

Back at Chez 3M, Molly gets ready to find Matt's dad, with an atlas open in front over her and a thumbtack in her hand. Mohinder's on the couch next to her, while Matt sits across from her operating the atlas. Molly sees Philadelphia, which Matt either locates on the map or recognizes from the Real World skyline footage playing inside Molly's head. She then zeroes in on an apartment building, but doesn't want to go inside. Mo assures Molly that the Nightmare Man can't hurt her, so she narrows it down to the third floor. Not good enough for Matt; he wants the apartment number. Molly sees a dingy apartment building hallway with a yellow door at the end and says, "He knows I'm here. He's coming!" Matt keeps pushing for the apartment number, so Molly zooms in on the door's sticker. It's nine. She gives Matt the number, and he tells her, "Get out of there, right now." But then Molly sees the table full of sketches again, and the door of Number Nine rattles in its frame and begins to open. "He sees me! He -- Leave me alone!" She starts screaming as Matt holds her and yells her name. Finally her eyes open; she softly says, "Matt?" and collapses unconscious on the couch. Mo quickly determines that she's breathing, but she's in shock and won't wake up. Panicked, Matt yells at her but the only response he gets is inside his head. Matt! Help me! Molly cries telepathically from somewhere in there. Matt! Nice job, Parkman. You broke her.

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