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A Virus Without A Cure -- Kind Of Like Britney Spears
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Previously: Nate and Matt went to Philadelphia to see Matt's dad, but instead of a tearful reunion, he trapped them in a room with their hallucinations and headed for the hills. Mohinder took ComaMolly into The Company and got assigned to visit Monica in New Orleans. Monica came to terms with her new gifts, realized that she kind of dug them and found an ally in little Micah. Hiro was still partnered up with Kensei and Yaeko while hiding his love for the girl. Peter made out with Caitlin a lot until Veronica Mars showed up and torched Caitlin's brother with her electric blue hands and basically made a mess of things while looking remarkably cute.

Picking up right where we left off in the last episode, Peter and Caitlin are in the Irish Eyes Pub dealing with the aftermath of Ricky's death. There's a chalk outline on the floor and yellow police tape everywhere. Peter apologizes for letting Ricky cover for him, and Caitlin pluckily says that Ricky made a choice, and that she's come to terms with that. Peter says that he's going to head to Montreal to find Elle, even though there's never been an indication that Elle has any association whatsoever with that city; he's just going there because there's a ticket in The Box for Montreal. Caitlin tells Peter that she's coming with him, because she's in the painting, too, and thinks she's supposed to go: "And when you find Ricky's killer, I want to be there." "What for?" Peter asks moronically. "To kill the bitch," sneers Caitlin. She's petite and all, but I wouldn't want to run up against her in a dank Irish alley, let me tell you.

Superheroes Superhigh. Claire's in the process of trying out for the cheerleading team in order to add some truthiness to the lie she told her father about making the team. Hayden Panettiere takes a moment to impress us all when she does a full-on back handspring and lands squarely on her feet. The Queen Bee Bitch Cheertator, however, pretends NOT to be impressed so that she can lord it over all the underling cheerleader candidates. She promptly dismisses everyone, saying that they're not on the team, and one lone cheerleader argues against this, saying that Claire's awesome. QBBC just pulls a Big Red and asks the other cheerleaders whether they agree with the lone voice of reason over there and, of course, none of them speaks up. Claire trots over and thanks the girl for trying; the girl says that she thinks QBBC is crazy, and wonders what the hell she's thinking. QBBC hears this and steps up to say, "What I'm thinking is that Costa Verde High deserves cheerleaders that are EXTRAORDINARY. And you, Claire, are simply not EXTRAORDINARY." Wow. The way she emphasizes that word and repeats it, you'd think it had some sort of SIGNIFICANCE to the episode, huh?

Meanwhile, Monica's hanging out with Mohinder at a gymnasium somewhere in New York. She's duplicating a balance beam routine that's playing on a TV in the background, and it's clear that she's getting better at managing her powers. Monica asks whether Mohinder is ever going to explain to her what the hell is going on, and he just tells her she's in New York at a privately funded facility whose sole purpose is to help her and others like her. He informs her that her "gift" is something called "adopted muscle memory," and she's pleased to know it has an official name. She asks why this is happening to her, and he says they're not sure, but that there might be some genetic markers; it might be an inherited power. "You have been given an EXTRAORDINARY gift," Mohinder concludes. Man. That's three times in two minutes. Do you think that's important?

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