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Crash And Burn
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So after the previouslies, we revisit the final bits of last episode, and then cut to a chyron that reads "43 hours later." In a washed-out, almost black-and-white image, we see Nathan calling an unknown person and telling him or her how Claire got on board the plane somehow, and all hell broke loose. His casual reference to both Claire and "Noah" really ends any suspense about who it might be on the other line. I mean, unless his dad's alive again, but I suspect even an entity as dense as this show has learned its lesson on that front. The look of the image combined with the conceit of telling the story from the future feels familiar and is probably an homage to something, but if so it's not coming to me at the moment. Anyway, we fade into the episode title card...

...and then back to the plane post-landing, which is in a clearing surrounded by light woods. It's night, and commandos are swarming as Hiro desperately runs from their searchlights. He takes a bad step and falls, complete with girly screaming (have you ever heard a man cry out on such a high frequency?), over a small bluff, and then gets dragged to his feet -- by Matt and Mohinder, who pull him flat against the bluff's wall so the commandos won't see them. When he judges it safe to speak, Matt asks Hiro if he got his powers back (like there's any reason that would have suddenly happened, or like they'd all still be in this predicament if he had) but Hiro intones that he's powerless. "A Hero's path is never easy." As evidenced by your inability to keep your feet up top, I guess. Noting some aerial searchlights heading their way, Mohinder starts off as he says they have to keep moving, but Hiro babbles about seeing Peter and the cheerleader and how it's their duty to save them. Instead of pointing out that saving the cheerleader is so two seasons ago, Matt instead opts for the equally valid assertion that the commandos are in no way fucking around. Matt then starts to walk off, and when Mohinder grabs his shoulder, Matt turns to reveal his eyes have gone white. He gestures with his head and then resumes his march, and Mohinder and Hiro uncertainly follow. They'd be a lot more uncertain if they knew that Matt's looking not for safety but the nearest box of Crayola crayons, but it's not like they have any brilliant ideas, either.

Back nearer to the burning plane, Peter and Claire babble and run until Bennet appears out of nowhere and grabs Claire while pointing a gun at Peter and ordering them both to come with him. Claire asks how he can be a part of Nathan's plot, and he replies that it's much more complicated that she knows. Well, let's see -- are you collaborating in order to ensure Claire's safety? Because not only is that not very complicated, it's the biggest "lather, rinse, repeat" the show has to offer. I don't mind the consistency -- it's actually refreshing -- but I just can't believe that either of them has the energy or motivation even to discuss it at this point. Anyway, Bennet clearly seems to think he should shoot Peter but can't bring himself to go through with it, and Claire opts to stay with Bennet as a reward, telling Peter to run, which he does. When he's gone, Claire opines that people will ask questions about the crash, but Bennet informs her she's mistaken, and no one's going to know a thing. An ominous whistling accompanies this declaration, and when Claire, dread in her voice, asks what he did, he answers by looking to the sky, from which a missile appears and blows up the plane. I hate to argue with such a dramatic display, but if someone were going to ask questions about a mysterious plane's mysterious landing, I'm not sure an ensuing mysterious explosion would get them to go about their day like nothing happened. But I could be overestimating people's average intelligence and curiosity. Having hit the deck, Claire and Bennet regard each other, and Claire starts to cry as we cut to the title card. It's a good sign for this chapter that I'm not doing the same.

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