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Previously on Heroes: Hiro went back to the past to prevent his father's death, but wound up just letting him die because he may have finally learned his lesson about that whole "messing with time and space" thing. But he still managed to find out that it was his old buddy Kensei who killed his dad. Claire declared her lust for West, and he dissed her. But then Claire got kidnapped by Tobby and Mohinder, so that kind of changed West's mind about his girlfriend. Bennet retaliated by kidnapping Elle and, at Check Point SuperCharlie, Elle returned the favor by shooting West and Claire out of the sky, allowing Mohinder to shoot Bennet through the right eyeball. Luckily, Mohinder nabbed some of Claire's blood and shoved it into Bennet's arm, and at the end of the last episode, Bennet was thankfully ALIVE.

Tonight we begin with Peter, back in the future, in a deserted New York City. He picks up one of the many flyers floating around warning people about the quarantine as the HAZMAT dudes nab Caitlin in the distance. Peter shouts out for her several times and then we're back in the present where Adam's all, "No need to shout, Pretty." Peter claims he was just in the future, but Adam's like, "Dude, you were right here, only you were shouting and you still had your shirt on, which I find very disappointing." Peter insists he was in the future and shows Adam the flyer as proof. "Impressive," says Adam with the slightest of sneers as he walks away.

Peter follows him, saying that he has to go back and get Caitlin or at least try and prevent the virus from getting out -- he can't just leave her there. Adam asks what Peter knows about the virus and, having seen the episode already, I'm definitely hearing a slyness underlying Adam's question that I didn't hear the first time around. I was kind of on board with Adam being a good guy, but...well, I'm getting ahead of myself. Peter responds that he knows the virus kills 93% of the population. "Do you know what the virus is called?" asks Adam. "Shanti virus," says Peter, sensing a shift in Adam's mood. "It's what the guy at Homeland Security called it. Does that mean something to you?"

Adam tells him that he once knew a woman by the name of Victoria Pratt who was a biological engineer at The Company. On Valentine's Day back in 1977, she recovered a virus from a sick Indian girl by the name of Shanti. We know, of course, that Shanti was Mohinder's sister. Adam pulls out a photo of the Elders; I have it freeze-framed right now -- has anyone else noticed how Pa Petrelli's face is all blurry and isn't looking directly into the camera? Does anyone else think this is suspicious? At this moment, there are also two women and two men who we have yet to identify, but that's not nearly as interesting as the big blurry spot that is Nathan and Peter's biological father. From this angle, he looks kind of like...Adam, actually. But don't quote me on that.

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