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Previously on Heroes: Claude smacked Peter around and lo, the world it did rejoice because that shit was AWESOME. Oh, wait. That wasn't the last episode. In fact there was a notable absence of both Claude and Peter last time and, lo, the world it did cry because we had to watch Hiro and Ando do stupid shit in Vegas while Matt and Jessica shot at each other and Claire didn't get to spend any quality time with her Flydaddy. I think if Claude HAD been in the last episode, there would have been a few other Heroes I'd have liked him to smack the hell around. Truly.

This episode is brought to you by the letter KICK ASS.

Somewhere in the Nevada Desert. RadioacTed is hanging out in the Unabomber's old shack, boiling water with his index finger in order to enjoy a nice spot of tea, when an IM window spontaneously opens up on his computer. It's someone named Wireless, and they'd like to get to know him. This wouldn't be odd except that the computer is not currently connected to the Interwebs. A point which Ted brings up to Wireless. Wireless just says that she knows what "they" did to him and then sends him a drawing of a gun with a needle at the end that matches the hash marks on Ted's shoulder. He says they should meet. She tells him to turn around, and there she is: Hana Gitelman, a.k.a. "Wireless." She tells Ted that she can download wi-fi and radio waves, just like a computer. Ted doesn't believe her until she responds to his questions by answering them through the IM window without touching the computer. He asks her why she came to him, and she tells him that "they" got to her too. She shows him her hash marks and says that she can find the bad guys and Ted can nuke them.

Cut to Claire, who's standing in her kitchen, upset that her mom has seemingly lost her mind. She runs upstairs to find her father, but runs into her brother instead. She tells him that something's seriously wrong with their mom and drags him downstairs to the kitchen. Problem is, once they get there, Mama B is back and so is her mind. There's no evidence that just minutes before, Mama B recognized neither Claire nor Mr. Muggles. Mr. Muggles: "Yeah -- what the hell was THAT all about? If she doesn't recognize me, do I still get food? Because that's really all I care about here." Mama B just tells Claire and Lyle to set the table and get ready for dinner. Lyle quips that if their father were there, he'd totally drug test Claire.

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